Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Get into the Festive groove...

With Halloween "dead and buried" we quickly approach the big C word...tut, tut, tut...you get your mind out of the gutter you crafty minx, I'm referring to Christmas!!!
Only 54 days of making left before Papa Nicolas makes an appearance.
YES It really is that close!
As the night  draws in, thoughts of must have presents enter our slumber, letters to Father Christmas invade our thoughts, we "pinterest" and "bookmark" items which we love
but purposely leave on the computer desk top in a vain attempt to drop hints to partners...and so on.
While all this dreaming and scheming gets us in the festive mood it also allows us to forget a very important piece of the modern craft makers kit: the making list. Be it on a post it note, on a raggedy dog eared piece of paper torn off the back of an envelope, on a document on your computer or scrolled on to your favourite note book.
The Christmas making list is an account of ideas and projects of what you'll be making to give others. Beautiful, awesome, heart filled, hand made items which you have made to besiege your loved one with creativity and love.
As the old saying goes "Christmas, it's not all about receiving" so now is the time to sit down, organize your projects, tidy up any unfinished bits and pieces and make to give!

Top tips:
Don't bite off more then you can chew! If you can't knit don't start making those cute but intricate cashmere socks you've seen in the pattern book. Leave the knitting to the new year where you have time to learn without the potentially stressful deadline.

Be realistic... make something which your craft skills will allow you to produce in order to achieve an item your friend/family will love and want to use.

Give hand made items to the ones that will appreciate such gifts...not everyone does especially young girls like my niece for example, she definitely wont. Gah, teenagers...if it isn't H&M or Justin Bieber then it is, in her own words, "pants!" Spare the heartache, yours in particular as if they don't appreciate it today don't fret... one day they'll come around!

Most of all enjoy it and MAKE your Christmas a HAND MADE one!

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