Monday, 7 November 2011

Decorations a go go!

OK I'm maybe asking too much of myself but I really like the idea of making my own Christmas decorations...even though I realistically don't need the extra work this is something which I know would give me immense pleasure.

I'm fed up of shop bought, loud, glitter & tinsel overloaded decorations and as much as I love a bit of "bling" sometimes I crave a little bit of visual quiet.

So could paper/felt decorations be the answer? Personally I'd say yes.
Simple non fussy and pretty decorations that you can make and enjoy at the fraction of the price plus come the end of the season you can recycle as next year you'll be able to make some fresh ones out of scraps from your December recycling box or out of any pretty wrapping paper you've kept from the previous year.

I have so many Christmas baubles and decorations at the back of the cupboard that I fear one day that it'll come to life and will start giving out advice like "the trash heap" in Fraggle Rock!

There are so many types of on line paper decoration tutorials and by far this blog has been one of the favourite ones :

Not just one tutorial but a whole selection of really lovely
projects...which is rare.
Have a look at the gorgeous yet simple tutorials and get making!

These paper baubles are great and I've made some similar ones with recycled high quality paper magazines.
I'm definitely going to try making the paper trees...and the paper strip decoration...and the wreath...and...Oh darn...I think I'm going to try to make them all!

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Food Hampers said...

These look so pretty I love them. I have never really thought about making my own decorations but it does make sense...I always struggle to find ones I like.