Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Creative Biscuit...Crafternoons with the Craft Guerrilla!

Hooray lovely crafting people we'll be at Creative Biscuit Ceramics Café this coming Friday to get you in the weekend mood!
So many of you requested a weekend date so here you go! We like to help you with your busy life and totally understand that sometimes you can't fit everything into the week. BUT Friday...that's the end of the struggle and the beginning of your freedom and what better way is there then kicking it off with a bit of creativity.
Join us from 6pm, make, sip tea and eat cake. Come  and relax your way into Friday night and get rid of that hard working week feeling!!! We'll be finished by 9.30 pm so if you fancy carrying on South Woodford has quite a few nice pubs so why not make a night of it...

£5 entry includes free tea and a slice of cake!
No booking required.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Shhhhhhhhh...don't mention the C word!

 *Heart Zeena item. Zeena Shah is a fouvorite Designer makers and has participated at many of our fairs!

You know how it is and we really don't want to freak you out by saying there are how ever many shopping days until Christmas but ... it is just around the corner!
We've booked our date and are pleased to announce that we will be at the Vestery House Museum in the gorgeous Walthamstow Village on Saturday the 3rd of December.
Hooray!!! Because the William Morris Gallery is undergoing major work we're unable to host our annual Christmas fair in our usual venue but fear not...we're still raising money for the gallery!
You can expect the usual crafty goodness from our guys and gals and I hear we're having mulled wine this year!
Craft Guerrilla has quickly achieved a bit of a name fro itself for hand picking the best deisgner maker talent and offering high quality, premium hand made goods! So if you're looking for a very special gift for a very special friend or family member do come and shop with us.
More details to be announced soon.

Designer makers...her's what you need to know aka "the nitty gritty" if you'd like to sell with CG...
If you'd like to be considered for a stall please send us a photo of your stock or a website/blog which showcases your hand made items to:
If you are successful we'll then put you on our designer maker list and once bookings open in mid October you'll be able to apply for a space.

Please note that if you have been excepted to go onto our Designer Maker list that it does not mean you automatically have a space.

We will curate the event by choosing what we deem to think works in a sympathetic way with other stock and with the Craft Guerrilla overall "look" and hand made, indie craft ethos.
All designer makers are chosen in order to offer shoppers an array of interesting.original items and selection of all types of hand made goods from jewellery, home wares, children's clothing, toys, fashion, accessories and so on.

All items must be hand made and sold by the maker. We do not accept "agents" or over seas craft. Though we think overseas cooperatives are great we like to keep our craft miles down therefore showcasing local (London based/UK) makers.

 **We'll also be giving special preference for Designer Makers who haven't exhibited at our last fair and also to makers which DO NOT already exhibit in the area.

New events added!

New events added to our events diary...
Take a peep at our web site:
our our events page on this blog!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Make do & mend craft night...Next Thursday!

This is just one of the cuties you can make at our diy craft night! Isn't it just adorable? Available to buy as a craft pack in a selection of colour combinations. As you know we're very much into recycling and up-cycling so where ever possible we re use materials or at least show you creative ways which you can make at home with a little bit of time, your crafting left overs and some imagination. This little necklace is made using small scraps of fabric, a re used necklace chain and the only "new" thing I've used are the jump rings which by the way you can harvest but I didn't have available at this time. So if you fancy learning how to make the most of what you have around the house and rather then spending a fortune or chucking it in the bin...come and make with us!!! Plus it's in a pub so...have a drink too!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Love Craft? Get yourself on the Trail!

It's almost here...only a few days to go and we'll be settling down on the river side near City Hall in order to bring you a very special event part of the Thames Festival. Take a look at our Craft Trail page (check out the page list under blog header) and have a look at the beautiful map. You can print a copy on your home printer or get down to the South Bank and pick up your free copy on the day. Hope to see you there! For further info on the Craft Trail visit:

Forest Arts & Crafts...New DATE!

Craft Guerrilla proudly introduces there neighbours and friends: FOREST ART AND CRAFTS!
These Chingford lads and ladies will be once more offering some delectable hand made goodies to the good people of London! SO...go check them out on Saturday 24th September. Doors open at 10.00am and the craftiness continues until 3.30pm.
United Reformed Church Halls, Buxton Road, off Station Road, North Chingford, E4.
It's a two hall crafty affair with a selection of new designers and firm favourites!
Admission Free
*Café: Open All Day

For further info visit: