Thursday 11 February 2016

Happy Home Outside!

I've been a huge fan of the homewares company RICE Denmark for quite some time now.
I was so excited to hear that fresh from the success of her first interiors book Happy Home Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau; the founder and designer behind RICE Denmark; has taken her famous signature style and given us yet another treat to delve into! Or should that be "to delve out to"?

Happy Home Outside is officially released on the18th of February -just in time to see Spring come into bloom!- and is published by Jacqui Small. 
In this chunky hard back you'll find all sorts of easy to reproduce signature looks from amazingly simple but effective party decoration ideas, a few craft tutorials to even a couple of food recipes to help you get in the outdoor living mood.

I love Charlotte's eye for mixing the classic with the quirky and vintage objects with new modern pieces. OK that may not sound like anything new but what comes across is the genuine passion and design flair which Charlotte effortlessly weaves into everything she touches. And that is an art which can not be faked!
I'm so happy to have had the chance to preview it as I haven't stopped smiling since I first clapped eyes on it.
This new book is refreshingly and unashamedly an assault on the senses... You could describe it as technicolour riot on the home front!!!
So if you're not a fan of bright and cheerful living then look away now...

Danish-born CHARLOTTE HEDEMAN GUÉNIAU founded RICE in 1998. Charlotte and her French husband Phillippe wanted to change their lives, having lived and worked in Paris for 15 years, so moved to Odense, Denmark and founded their ethical homewares empire. Now, RICE Denmark has a lovely office and showroom in an old shipyard building near the waterfront in Odense. The company employs 75 people internationally, and creates influential homeware collections that are ethically sourced and produced all over the world. RICE products can be found in the smartest stores worldwide - See more at:

As a city dweller I find any outside space a bonus so making it look as good as it potentially can be is key and with Charlotte's guiding hand you'll be able to transform any space into your own private oasis.
Whether you are lucky to have a full on garden  or just a veranda, a small balcony or even a window box... what you come away with from reading this book is the sense that any outdoor space can be more then just a spot to park your bike or leave your muddy boots in.
An outdoor space should be an extension of your living home so... get out there and make it work for you!
And it shall do so for me as after 20 years of living in a flat without an outdoor space it looks like that's about to change very soon.
Though you wouldn't tell by looking at me but I absolutely love bright colours... so I will be using this book as inspiration to make my garden into a fun, welcoming, vibrant and relaxing area to enjoy.

Though it won't be all about relaxing, it'll also be about living!
I'm already planning my first summer party and all I can say is that I've just spotted a few old tulip shaped lampshades in the charity shop and that I'm going to transform them into outdoor party chandeliers. I can't wait!
Colour and a sense of fun are central to the RICE philosophy and I admire that they take due care to source their products from sustainable and ethical producers too so it's not just about the "look" but there's also a heart behind it all!


From the front cover to the last pages you are treated to a mesmerising load of cheery offerings...  from sunny vintage caravans, bright beautiful linen awnings to heady secret garden hideaways. So all you bright hue haters listen up...
"If  bright colours bring happiness to our world then surely that can't be a bad thing!"

And that's the motto I'm sticking to from now on.

To order Happy Home Outside at the discounted price of £20 including p&p* (RRP: £25), telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code QPG409.*UK ONLY - Please add £2.50 if ordering from overseas.