Thursday 30 October 2008

Halloween ideas...

I totally love HALLOWEEN! For me it's bigger then Chrimbo because at heart I am a little bit of a pagan...and I love dress up!
Here's a fab site if you're feeling stuck for ideas on what to carve on your pumpkin...
I think I'll make a cannibal one!
The CASTLE in Walthamstow Village hosts the McGuffin Halloween movie screening of hammer horror classics!
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Craft Guerrilla Chrimbo Designer Market!

It's here folks, the Christmas Market date is now set.
The East London Craft Guerrilla is one of London's most diverse and original designer maker groups offering quality hand made goods direct to the public by London based independent designers.
"UNIT has been blamed for graffiti,messy performance art and rather violent Face book water fights. So how Boris must love this new trend in Guerrilla style ventures: art and craft."
Time Out Issue 1991 October 16-22 2008

" I was just looking for a gift for my friend and ended up buying loads of stuff for myself too! All the stalls are great...lovely people and so many tempting things to buy!I'll definitely go to them for all my Christmas shopping!

Nelly C. (A happy shopper at our Summer markets)

Join us on Saturday the 22nd of November from 1pm to 6pm in Wanstead,London.
Grove Hall. Wanstead United Reform Church. Nightingale lane/Grosvenor Road E11(Entry: Grosvenor Road )
TUBE: Wanstead/Snaresbrook ( both on the Central Line )
Contact me via email for a booking form,stall prices and all relevant information.
If you haven't sold at a Craft Guerrilla event already please apply by sending a brief
description of what you do and a few jpegs of your work. All products must be hand made and or designed by you. Sorry no mass produced tat!
For more information visit our web site.
Hope you can join us!

Chrimbo Craftacular!!!

Here's a brilliant offering by the folks at BUST Magazine. Sound fab!

"Craftacular! That’s a shopping bonanza running from 12pm until 11pm at St Aloysius Social Club in Euston, London, featuring crafters, classes, DJs, drinks and dancing. Down a pint as you learn to cross-stitch and work through your Christmas shopping list as you browse through hundreds of the best in handmade gifts and winter wares, from handbags and ornaments to jewelry and cards…

We have just opened the call for vendors and the deadline for applications is November 14, so get on it! Stalls cost £45 for a table approx. 150cm by 75cm.

To apply and for further info, please see this page:

Thursday 23 October 2008

last night's photos

Thanks to all the lovely people that made it such a fantastic night! We'll be back for more in November with a Do It Yourself Chrimbo craft night!

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Put the needle on the record TONIGHT!!!

Hello there boys and girls.
Are you sick of mindless mid week telly? Tonight is D.I.Y. CRAFT night. Get down to the Castle in Walthamstow Village and make some craft! Not content with sewing? We have so much more.
There are all sorts of projects to get you making and a pretty nifty soundtrack to get you grooving. Guest DJ's Crimes against pop and others will be on the decks all night.
Not the creative type? There is no excuse we have in house tutors and lots of crafty communion so if you don't know what you're doing do not fret as there are quite a few helpful people around.
Join us tonight from 8pm and get creative,have a few pints,play a few board games and who knows you might just enjoy it and find a hidden knitter in you!
Don't forget to bring those GUILTY PLEASURES as we'll play them no questions asked! Bring us your love to hate records and we'll all be singing along in no time...though I'll have to put my foot down if any one brings in any Phil Collins!!!

Saturday 18 October 2008

Flying the knitted flag for hand made...

The inter net is a great thing and as we've seen there are plenty of good people out there sharing our ethos and principles.These past months have been a great eye opener and the fact that there are quite a few out there willing to share and collaborate is absolutely wonderful.
Those that stay in their little worlds and see it as a competition (you know who you are!)are actually missing out on an amazing thing! We love hand made goods,making new friends,working with other like minded people and learning the true meaning of what it is to be in a community. So when we come across great things we like to shout about it and let everyone know...

Check out these lovely ladies...

and here's their blog too...

Tuesday 14 October 2008

Glimpse on line

and another web craft shop opportunity....this time UK based.
"glimpse on line"


Lisa's asked me to post this as a lot of you might be interested.
Hehehe like London buses....they all come along at once!
BUT we like craft web shops! And the possibility of having another outlet?
Well surely it can't be a bad thing!!! Thanks Lisa!!!

"I've just signed up for MyEhive which is another of these online shops
and communities but this one is UK based. This one has three different
levels of seller account. One is free and the other two are reasonably
priced per month and NO commission on top of that.

Also, if you're quick, the first 100 sellers get the full monty
account for free for life! I just signed up and got the full package
but I think there's only a few places left. My initial impression
after a quick look around is that it seems a bit better than Folksy
especially the no commission part, and some of their parts for
integrating with your exisiting website name (coming in the future)
looks really good.

The address is: if you want to check it out."


Following my message about "new" web outlets please note that "DEWANDA" are a German based web site and even though they are Tri-lingual you need to post your items in German and French as well as in English. Other wise your listing will not appear when a speaker of one of these languages does a search.
It's a bit more of a hassle but worth it. I found when visiting other European cities that people are pretty happy to spend a little bit extra (and sometimes even quite a lot)on an item that is hand made so it's worth doing. There are lots of free translation web sites on line which are pretty basic but get the message across.
Unfortunately this little nugget is not stipulated in the terms and conditions but I'm sure if enough people contact them they might be more forthcoming in future with this kind of information. Thanks Karin for the heads up!
Still I think it's a nice web site and you'll be widening your costumer base so...all in all,not a bad thing!

Wednesday 8 October 2008

Upcoming Christmas markets...

Oh I know...the dreaded C word but as we all know there's no point in hiding the fact that it's two months and a bit away! As my inner Scrooge keeps reminding me "BAH HUMBUG YOU HATE CHRISTMAS!" I have to admit that's not that bad besides I love receiving gifts! Speaking of gifts...isn't it great to give and what better way is there of showing your love than by giving your friends and loved ones quality,original and gorgeous gifts?
WELL there is a simple way...don't scamp around town amidst the hoards of shoppers,in souless chain shops, horrible crowds...come down to the Craft Guerrilla Craft Markets!!! OH YES... shop in style and at your leisure! With so many exciting designer makers under one roof you needn't go anywhere else.

Dates and venues to be announced soon just in time for you ladies and gents to shop till you drop before the festive season kicks in.
Want to know exactly when and were? Sign up to the mailing list and you'll be kept up to date with all the craft events!

Vintage clobber needs new owners!

recycle. you know it makes sense!
here's your chance to get some new snazzy outfits out of someone else's cast offs!
we're all for saving the planet and what better way is there of recycling
then by giving an unwanted frock a new home? don't worry if it doesn't quite fit...that's the magic of finding and wearing vintage successfully! if you find something you love but is a little bit too big...grab some scissors and get on your sewing machine! altering and bringing it up to date is half the fun!!!
need help? check this out at PRICK YOUR FINGER
we love our crafty friends at PYF...