Tuesday 14 October 2008


Lisa's asked me to post this as a lot of you might be interested.
Hehehe like London buses....they all come along at once!
BUT we like craft web shops! And the possibility of having another outlet?
Well surely it can't be a bad thing!!! Thanks Lisa!!!

"I've just signed up for MyEhive which is another of these online shops
and communities but this one is UK based. This one has three different
levels of seller account. One is free and the other two are reasonably
priced per month and NO commission on top of that.

Also, if you're quick, the first 100 sellers get the full monty
account for free for life! I just signed up and got the full package
but I think there's only a few places left. My initial impression
after a quick look around is that it seems a bit better than Folksy
especially the no commission part, and some of their parts for
integrating with your exisiting website name (coming in the future)
looks really good.

The address is: www.myehive.com if you want to check it out."

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Louise said...

Thanks for the write up, we really appreciate it. We're doing an east London hotpot in 'The Cocoon'- will put you guys up there on our top ten blogs list. Due out 01.11.08. Lou x