Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A sneaky peek...

This is my favourite part,when I can sit down and go through the list of talented designer makers that will be present at our fair...
Choosing a varied selection of goods is something both difficult and fun!

Let's start with a taster of the type of quality, beautifully made products that will be on sale at the fair.

Our first maker in the spot light is Neeskie. These gorgeous pieces are to die for.... so if you fancy looking like a sexy vixen or a sweet little crumpet you know where to visit to buy these.

Neeskie will be at the Craft Guerrilla Summer Fair on Saturday the 30th of July!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Craft Guerrilla Summer Fair...

A selection of beautifully stonking hand made designer maker urban craft, illustration, art, a "Make Easy" table, fully licensed bar, parking, fully functioning mirror ball and we've even ordered some sunshine!
Who loves ya baby? (thank you Kojak)

Saturday 30th of July
Orford House Social Club, Orford Rd. E17 9QR
noon - 5.30 pm
£1 entry (under 16's free)

Victoria Line Walthamstow Central Underground Station
Walthamstow Central Train station from Liverpool Street Rail Station
Buses...230,48,55,56,123 W15,W19 etc (visit TFL web site for further info)

*thank you to the lovely one sugar please aka Rebecca for her beautiful poster!

Please click on the link for directions...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

July's mini work shop...

It's with great pleasure that we announce our next mini work shop tutor...The lovely Shellac Sister and knitter extraordinaire Theo Burrow!
This month the talented Theo will be hosting a fab knitting based workshop for us remaining on the "Make do & mend" theme.
She'll be showing us how to make a beautiful vintage look accessory to beautify your garments.
Make a sweet button hole corsage based on Theo's own vintage inspired patterns. A selection of designs (depending on knitting know how) will be on offer.
Come and click clack away your knitting needles and learn to make a simple yet stylish addition to your vintage wardrobe!
All tools and materials supplied.
10 spaces available, £15 per person, pre booking and prepayment required. Please email the tutor directly:

Work shop starts at 8.30 pm on the dot!
Thursday 14th of July
D.I.Y. Craft Night Ye Olde Rose and Crown
53-55 Hoe st. E17 4SA

Friday, 17 June 2011

Crafting in the sun...

If you're anything like me and the idea of holidaying in the middle of no where or with just a lot of sunbathing on a overcrowded beach fills you with dread then this will appeal.
Because I can't still for very long the prospect of going somewhere sunny and warm filled with lots of activities and creativity is something I think I could enjoy and eventually relax in...that's what I call paradise!

San Colorea is just that type of place! Surrounded by mountains this retreat aims to be a meeting space and a source of inspiration...

Situated in a beautiful little village in sunny southern Spain San Colorea is an international illustrators and crafters residence aimed to inspire you thanks to it's charming location, the contact with other artists and the activities on offer.
There's also a few workshops to help you learn new things!

For further details and bookings please visit:

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Make do & Mend...Summer Vintage FUN!

Our love of craft,vintage and fashion have spurred us on into hosting another "Make do & mend" inspired event.
We love the ethos,the original war time up-cycling and recycling movement born out of need. Times are tough and though 70 years on this movement is making a return and we're hoping to share a few nifty tricks with you so you can save some cash and a few frocks on the way.

Craft Guerrilla have created a few vintage "Make do & mend" inspired craft packs for you to buy and make on the night plus the lovely Theo (of the Shellac Sisters and a genius knitter) will be hosting the mini workshop for us. Make a cute knitted button hole corsage to wear with your vintage finds. Details tba soon!

Joining us is Frill Seekers Vintage with their beautiful wares...from the roaring 1920's to the electric 1980's...rails upon rails of quality vintage apparel!
It's the perfect way to recycle as these frocks have still a whole life of ware to give!

And to finish off the look the talented Claire Cross of Claire Hair will be transforming your locks into gorgeous vintage dos. No need to book just pop in and make an appointment on the night!

Thursday 14th of July
8pm - 11.30 pm
Ye Olde Rose & Crown E17 4SA

*free entry*

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

In the spot light...

Part of the many "services" Craft Guerrilla offer is the introduction of new designer makers to the craft loving public! We meet a lot of talented people and see lots of hand made goodies so when we find items we like we want to share it with you...

"Microbio is a project born out of creative longing, a love of colour and a passion for crafting!
Helena is a Portuguese Designer Maker and as she herself puts it is an 'addictive crafter'!

'I started quite early, as a little girl making stuff for my dolls then clothes for myself from Burda patterns which was tricky. Because I could only find them in German I had to figure out the instructions and I can't speak German at all.
I was taught by my grandmother using a Singer machine and this is how I found my passion for fabric.
I did a degree in International Relations (political branch). Though I don't regret my choice of studies I soon found that a whole working life confined to "a box" isn't what drives me in life!

I had a few full time jobs, met some nice people too but 'COLOUR' was definitely always missing from my life.
From the moment I wake I'm always in search of COLOUR...I need to see colourful buttons, fabrics, blogs...then I have breakfast which follows by making things,lots of colourful things.
I really don't need a colourless life in an "office box"!

So to keep my craftsanity it was while I was working full time that I decided to brand my craft work.
"Microbio" (Microbe) sounded perfect to me as it implies the spread of things, good things as mine are begnine, cute, made with love and care! I even started a blog and discovered I love making bags, all sorts of bags and OH yes rings to match! Like most crafters I can make many things but it's bags that drive all my attention! I try to keep my blog up to date and I've even opened up a little shop in 'Dawanda'(address link below) to test the waters but I hope in future to have my own web site.
What really drives me in life is being able to make beautiful things by my own hands, run a small business and have a simple life with perhaps less money but much happier and fulfilled. What fascinates me most? People who are already doing this!"

Thank you Helena!!!

If you'd like to buy Microbio's beautiful hand made bags please visit:
Or read more about Helena's crafty adventures on her blog:
follow on twitter:@microbionoar

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Make Do & Mend...

*photos by Esmuto

Due to popular demand next month's diy craft night will be another Vintage inspired affair...And we're sooooo happy about it because we LOVED hosting it!!!

Make Do & Mend is so much of the moment and we're ready to share our crafty know how and teach all you lovely people how to look stylish without breaking the bank.
These are lean times and we know just how difficult it is to get by...but fear not...we'll be there with a few craft kits which you can make and will make your outfit that little bit cuter or cover up a hole on that favourite shirt so you're mending that garment and giving it new life!

And just because times are tough it doesn't mean that you can't invest in a killer frock!
Look through "Frillseekers" stunning clothing and bag yourself a beautiful dress which you can wear time and time again!

Claire Hair will also be there styling those lush locks so you get a new look to go with your new frock!

Also we have a very special guest work shop tutor...lets just say that she's a dab hand at knitting and spinning shellac! Details of work shop to be announced soon.

Plus we might be joined by some very special people or should that be "des gens très importants...Célébrités"?


*photos by CG

Thursday 14th of JULY, 8 pm - 11.30pm
Free entry
*small fee per craft pack and for workshop place

Ye old Rose and Crown
55 Hoe Street
E178 4SA
Walthamstow London

Monday, 13 June 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Wowzers now this is what I call upcycling and recycling....such a beautiful and fun idea.
Check out this nifty ladie's web site:

Friday, 10 June 2011

Make something that counts...

On a sadder note then usual,and I can't say sad really because this young gal is such an inspiration! BUT Sad because she is ill with cancer and has learned that it's not going to get any better but as she fights on I can't help but to be moved.
This lovely little lady has made a bucket list...a list of dreams she'd like to fulfill! Maybe you can help?
Alice is 15 and I so wish that at her age I had the guts and determination she clearly has. Despite everything she's keen on leaving a useful and lasting mark on our world by getting people to sign up for bone marrow registration,bringing awareness about her condition and she's managed to raise a stonking amount for charity.
You've probably heard of her,she's been trending on Twitter and I believe she liked that as she got loads of celebrity followers and has even been mentioned on "This Morning"!
Alice we salute you!

To read Alice's blog please visit:

If you'd like to register for bone marrow donation:

Finally if you'd like to raise funds to donate to Alice's chosen charity and you'd like to do it in a Crafty way or even a cake sale then get in touch with us!

a few of our favourite things...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that I had a lot of time on my hands due to the large amount of time I spend on the internet is part of my "job" as chief craft guerrilla to find things which I can post on here! Besides I know just how much you lovely people adore all things craft!
Looking through the vast amount of designer hand made items I find lots and lots of items which I love!
So let me share a few bits and pieces which have caught my eye.
Finding special, interesting, contemporary artisan made products which are made using traditional techniques but with a solid design and modern twist is what we're after so... here...are a few of our favourite things:

Paper sculptures:

by David Farrer
Please email for details and

Knitted home wares:

by Janie Knitted Textiles. For further info and items please visit:

Soft toys:

by Nanette Regan. For further information and to order please email:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Creative Biscuit + Craft Guerrilla = Crafternoon!

That's right,because we had such a smashing time in South Woodfrod Both Craft Guerrilla and Creative Biscuit thought that the good people of this sweet little east London enclave needed a bit more crafty fun!

Starting this month we'll be at Creative biscuit every last Friday of the month for a rip roaring "Crafternoon"! Craft packs,craft tutors,lashings of tea and cake plus some mighty fine company.

OH yes and it's still the same deal £5 entry (on the door) which entitles you to free tea and cake!

We'll also be adding to the Crafternoon as we go along by inviting guest collaborators so craft lovin ladies and gents...Keep those peepers pealed!

Upcoming dates*:
June 24th
July 29th
August 26th

*please note that dates are subject to chang

Friday, 3 June 2011

Retro fascinator mini workshop...

Hurry,hurry...there are only a few spaces left!
I'll be sharing my vintage inspired designs and ideas with you so you can create a fab wearable head piece. Because we're celebrating the 1940's this little cutie is very much an homage to the RAF Ladies auxiliary!
Maybe the military look isn't for you and you'd prefer a more feminine composition....fear not... I have other cute ideas for you!
For something a bit more girly I can show you how to make the perfect fabric flower or a beautiful yet understated "Chanel" bow....and there's plenty of other ideas based on that much loved and elegant vintage look of the 1940's!!!
£18 per person. All materials included and use of tools.
Please pre book and pre payment essential by emailing

Thursday 9Th June 8.30 pm
Ye Olde Rose & Crown
55 Hoe St.
E17 4SR