Friday, 31 August 2012

We say GOOD BYE to the Rose & Crown!

As from September we'll be wrapping up our D.I.Y. Craft Nights at the Rose & Crown Pub.
That's right the 13th of September will be our last! *Details to be announced soon!*

This year has been a tough one with lots of changes, new ventures which haven't worked, other exciting ones that have flourished... hence the need to manage our time in a wiser, more productive kind of way!
All this has pushed us not just into new avenues but also into thinking about our events. Fresh thinking is needed...
So we've thought long and hard about our craft nights and whether it's a good idea to keep going but it doesn't make sense especially as numbers of participants have been dwindling.
A few factors like lack of suitable lighting, too many similar events in the same venue (yes there are now 2 other "Stitch & Bitch" nights in the same pub!), the slow down in the economy etc. have prompted us to take this difficult decision. But we've been doing these craft nights in E17 for almost 5 years now so time for a change! Plus we can't offer our time or materials for free.

So it's time we take a break and come back in the near future stronger and with a different format but still as crafty as ever! We would like to remain in the local area but we're not afraid to travel. The craft gypsy caravan is packed and ready to hit the road!!!

Keep an eye out as we promise we're not ceasing to exist... we're just streamlining our events so they work for us and for our lovely patrons.
Rather then just keep doing them for the sake of it we basically need to regroup and get our Crafty Mojo back!

Thank you all at the Rose & Crown (we'll miss you!) and to all the crafty people who've made so much with us along the years...Thank you for your support and see you soon!

A Craft Guerrilla Crafter at the Black Heart Camden
*Please note that you can catch us in December at our Christmas Craft Emporium fair! Sign up to our mailing list to keep yourself updated on all our events and crafty adventures!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Promote your creative company with us!

You've probably noticed that we advertise other creatives on our blog and that's basically for two reasons:
one: we like advertising people which make gorgeous hand made products which we believe in and admire their talents.
two: it's a form of helping our self funded collective tick by!

We're not asking for huge amounts of money, after all we're not Donald Draper...and we're not setting up your advertising campaign for you but we would be happy to share our web traffic with creatives in exchange for a very affordable monthly fee!

As designer makers we know how tough it is and how expensive it's become running a small creative company so...we'd like to open it up to you! By advertising with us you can get your company seen by a receptive audience.
Oh yes and by the way...we'd love to have Don on our team but he's a fictional character so instead we do have on our books a real life whiskey loving gal who'll be happy to help you create a banner, logo or help you launch your advertising campaign*
If you need some help with that side of your business E mail Debbie and she'll get you started:
*Please note that this is not a free service but fees are charged at very competitive rates!*

The CRITERIA for advertising with us:
Your company must be a small indie hand made company which sells products made by you or supplies which can be sold to designers.
We will not accept chain shops or high street companies that sell mass produced stuff!
We are after original, high quality designer makers which want to associate with us! After all we are promoting hand made so it needs to fit in with our philosophy.
Haberdashery and findings providers are a tricky one and we will only accept companies which are independent  and offer great quality products.

We also promote services like seamstresses, jewellers who offer repairs, illustrators, photographers etc. but you must be an independent and not be working under a larger corporate company!
Collectives and craft market organisers are also welcome to advertise though this is left at our discretion as we also feel we can only associate with others who share a similar ethos.

Here's an example?
We have previously advertised an indie company who sell wool but they also hand dye, spin and sell their own products which have been lovingly sourced from small local producers and transformed into usable wool products.
This is definitely the kind of company we like!!! They're not just making their materials they are also making a change in the way we see industry and production.

If you'd like to know more and find out about our monthly rates then please email us:

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

You can't keep a good Guerrilla down!

You can now find us in Walthamstow Village borders at the beautifully refurbished Beyca Retro. A spacious little shop jam packed with vintage furniture, collectables, art plus a cute little coffee bar serving "NUDE" coffee (that's a brand and not how we serve it!) and artisan baked cakes on the weekend.

Craft Guerrilla has it's own concession space stocking lots of hand made goods, greeting cards, illustrations and zines courtesy of our band of merry makers!
We're absolutely chuffed to be working with the Beyca boys and can't wait to see what this new partnership brings...we have so many great plans for the future with Boma and Tim!
 So if you fancy popping in we're normally there on Saturdays though the shop is open from Thursday to Sunday.

Psssssssssssssssst... a heads up: The furniture is amazing, lots of fab 1950's pieces at a snip compared to what you'd find in trendsville Hackney!!!

Where? Beyca Retro 83 Grove Rd, Walthamstow, London, E17 9BU
Opening hours: Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 10 am to 6pm
Web site:

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oh yes...our Zines are back!!!

After a little break - lets face it sometimes a break is just what is needed - The Craft Guerrilla Zine is back!
We were publishing them every 3 months but with so much to do this was another task that unfortunately got left behind! There is so much one woman can do but now we'll be opening up the opportunity to any creatives who'd like to produce a zine for us! You'd pretty much be given free reign but it needs to showcase CRAFT, ART, HAND MADE, MUSIC, CAKE and all things creative and generally following the existing can even use it to plug your work and services though we will have the overall control of what's included or not as we need to keep things to our high standards. Please email us and send samples of your work if you'd like to guest produce the next zine which should be out in Autumn (September).

This edition was guest edited and written by Sanna of "Sannapanda & Friends".
Living in the UK sometimes is hard and not very summery even in Mid summer! Her lovely musings on Mid Summer and her Scandi upbringing are enough to make you long for balmy nights filled with cricket song, bare feet on long grass and sunshine seen through the trees!

Check out Sanna's web site for beautiful things and for inspiration! We heart you lady!!!

Available to purchase only as a PDF on our web shop mainly because we want to be as green as possible so we've decided to sell them as a file rather then print them on paper!
This way if you'd like to print out your own copy you can!!!

Friday, 3 August 2012

Behind THE RED DOOR...

The Red Door Studios are hosting a selection of "Jubalympic" sized events to tantalize and mesmerize the good people of London.
From Vintage/retro sales, group shows to photographic exhibitions...there's bound to be something for everyone!
Check out what our friends are up to in East Ham by popping along to this summer fiesta!

Celebrations kick off this Sunday...
Summer Exhibition 2012
Opening Event at Red Door Studios
Sunday 5th August at 1pm (Doors open 11am to 5pm)
Pop-up Cafe Open!

This opening event is to celebrate the 22 local artists who are exhibiting their artwork during our week-long Summer Exhibition – there will be refreshments, music and a few special guests to welcome the artists.

Venue: Red Door Studios
On Masterman Road
Rear of 120 High street South
East Ham, London, E6 3HW

For further info visit the Red Door Studio Face Book Page!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The William Morris Gallery...out with the Chintz!

I can hardly believe it but the William Morris Gallery reopens tomorrow! I was lucky enough to go to the private view last week and what I saw was amazing! It's been a long time coming and lots of money has been spent on the regeneration bringing the community a long awaited gallery fit for international visitors as well as a much needed haven for all people in our borough.

The Walthamstow Tapestry on exhibition now!
Apart from the beautiful tapestry by Grayson Perry the gallery has been transformed beyond recognition! And yes I did get to meet him, though briefly, but I did manage to get his photo and have a quick word with him in front of the Walthamstow Tapestry. What a charming and talented man!

Grayson Perry!
A smart extension houses a large exhibition space (this is where the tapestry resides until the end of September) and the tea room/restaurant overlooking the gardens.
On the top floor of the main gallery work shop spaces have sprouted up in the eaves though these weren't open yet but we hear they will be in use to teach school children and members of the community all sorts of craft disciplines. That's a big thumbs up from us on that one!

detail of the tea room's chandeliers and musicians in the new extension overlooking the gardens.

Like a dormant chrysalis that's woken up into a gorgeous butterfly The Gallery is now a lovely airy, bright and beautiful exhibition, educational and meeting space!
Before the regeneration it was nice and homely, in fact sometimes it felt like you've wondered into someone's lounge but it was pretty dark and lifeless. It's almost like it was one of those creepy rooms people leave untouched after their loved one has died...but not anymore, what they've managed to bring to it with the regeneration is a bit of modernity, life and oh yes open windows which means lots of natural light!

a bust of William Morris greets visitors.
It's definitely not chrome and mirrors, that would just be naff... But dare I say that it looks a bit Scandi?! Let me elaborate... Scandi (as in Scandinavian) in the sense that it's bright and clean but with a bit more of design, thought and a welcoming warmth which was achieved through the use of natural materials, the colour pallet and the general flow that takes visitors from room to room.
The large chunky wooden chest of drawers and hanging industrial lights in the back exhibition room wouldn't look out of place in a Swedish café but they serve a purpose rather then compete with the existing Morris & Co. pieces. There's also a bit of technology too by way of touch screens and interactive pieces which are there for people to use and touch unlike before when it felt like you weren't even allowed to walk on the carpet. Obviously you were but it almost felt intrusive having people trampling on them.
The new display furniture and fittings sit harmoniously and if anything showcase even more Morris' work by quietly sitting in the background doing their job letting the Victorian Arts & Crafts pieces shine in a totally new light.

Morris pattern on ceramic tiles.
Back exhibition room looking bright! Love the wooden chests and floors.

Now the pieces seem to breath a different life from what they did in the late 19th and early 20th century, they look contemporary and wouldn't be out of place in today's Arts & Crafts homes. The modern Designer Maker is different from the Victorian one but it's nice to see that good design is timeless and I would happily use Morris's designs in my modern home. I for one was totally inspired by the flooring in one of the small gallery rooms and will now tear up the carpet and try my hand at floor pattern painting.

Lino floor in Morris Pattern (I hope it's Lino, I might be wrong but it's definitely not carpet!) It's inspired me to paint my floors!

William Morris was much more then just a craftsman, an artist, a print maker, a designer he was also a socialist, a poet, a humanist plus a husband and a father.
In fact he was a formidable force which has left a legacy which we should all be proud of!

Socialist banner. Morris was also a great socialist and a man of many layers, ideals and talents.

I am a long time fan and have lived just behind Lloyd Park so I know the gallery well as I have spent many an afternoon in there.
This was a long time ago when Craft Guerrilla was still just a little glimmer in my imagination but it was invaluable in my searching for inspiration and philosophy for the collective.
Morris was and still is one of my main "muses" and his ideals are one of the reasons why I started Craft Guerrilla.
Now it's come full circle...Craft Guerrilla were privileged to have been asked to curate a selection of Designer Maker items for the shop gallery. It's seams like we've also come home...
Thank you William Morris and hopefully one day there might be a Craft Guerrilla Gallery too!

Opens 2nd Of August 2012! For further information, opening times, exhibitions and details on how to get there please visit the WMG web site: