Saturday, 28 February 2009

all about LOVE

I was absolutely delighted to meet Julia Pott last Christmas at the Craft Guerrilla Market. What a lovely gal! I don't know why but she just popped into my mind and I revisited her web site and re watched her film. Her illustrations and animated films are a rarity...they make even the stoniest of hearts ,like Mine :), turn into mush! I so wish I had bought one of her recycled vintage illustrated watches...

Monday, 23 February 2009

March...a time to make do and mend and celebrate our birthday!

It's official CRAFT GUERRILLA is one year old! This time last year it seemed to be an almost forgotten dream and it almost didn't come to life! Three years in the planning ,last March 2008 our little craft group started off as an answer to getting to grips with the world and it's unhealthy appetite with mass produced items and the waste it generates. Wow how things are a changing! We're happy that every one's woken up and joined us on this exciting and creative endeavour! We started off by holding craft markets but things have a funny way of coming together and evolving into even bigger and better projects. Because of the markets we've met many talented people and because of them things like the D.I.Y. craft nights have come to light and become the success they are today.
Join us for a celebration of what we hope will be the first of many more!
The first 50 people through the door will get a goody bag...all you early birds get a special crafty treat!
As usual we'll have some fun and easy craft projects,guest DJ's, vintage board games and impromptu workshops. This edition Lisa Margreet will be holding a "make do and mend" session. Bring along those slightly tatty knitted items and she'll show you how to darn them back into life! Now is no time for chucking things out and because we're all feeling the pinch we're still not charging an entry fee! However there is a small charge per craft pack but you get a project and hopefully some new skill you can use in future. So weather you want to learn something new or brush up on a forgotten skill we hope you can join us!
Also don't forget to bring your GUILTY PLEASURES.Your love to hate/hate to love records! The fab DJ duo Handsome Twins will spin them for you and you wont have to own up to it!
All craftes welcome. Bring your own projects and if we can help you let us know.
See you all soon.
Craft Guerrilla

Monday, 16 February 2009

Part 2 Up Cycle project by Lisa Margreet

Our own knitting queen will be on hand to show you the ropes! Weather you're a seasoned knitter, need a refresher class or a complete novice there will be something for you to take away from this fun project. Last month Lisa showed us how to harvest yarn from an unwanted sweater. This edition she'll be advising and helping people get started!
For more info on "CAST ON" Part 2 visit Lisa's Blog

Craft Guerrilla on Qype!

Valentine's Craft Night at The Make Lounge from Qype UK on Vimeo.

What is it?

Qype enables anyone to search for & review service providers, businesses and public places. And at the same time get to know great people who have similar interests and, by a wonderful coincidence, just happen to live around the corner.

When you need a good plumber or a tip on the most edgy designer boutique, you ask a friend. That is exactly why we created Qype, so anyone can share their local knowledge and tips, and check out what other people recommend (or suggest to stay well away from).

Qype is the collective work of our members. There is no fixed, paid editorial team. Anyone wishing to search for or add reviews can join in.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Put some heart in your art!

Make your Valentine's sweetheart this sweet little origami card!

More craft projects to come soon on our blog and in our new Craft-zine!
Published trimonthly the Craft Guerrilla zine brings you lots of interesting projects,recipes, interviews and handy craft tips. Each edition is edited and composed by a different Craft Guerrilla.
Available to buy at our events and on line in our Guerrilla shop. COMING SOON!!! Keep those peepers peeled!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Cut-Click...a new online magazine!

Cut-click is an online magazine for art & design.
A new issue is launched on the 19th of every month.
Cut-click is created by Baker2d & Caroline Twidle
We cut-click, do you?

Love-A-Fayre REVIEW!

The workers playtime at Bethnal Green's Working Mans Club has to be one of the most fun and fab events I've participated in in a long while. The venue itself is a monument to a past hugely ingrained in the English psyche but often forgotten and I for one love the fact that it's moved with the times but still holds that personal and familiar aura that unfortunately has almost disappeared in London. The idea of having Burlesque and club nights in a working mans club is one of pure genius! I guess that the most natural progression is using the club at every available time and the craft markets at the BGWMC are perfect for filling in diurnal slots. I get the feeling that though it's still a functioning Working Mans Club that they're happy that it's used in such an eclectic way because that's what keeps it alive and open.
The atmosphere is very young,hip and friendly and being so close to Brick Lane it's only natural that the "young, bright things" have found this little gem and made it their home. It is a little bit shabby but very handsome,honest and remains mainly untouched.I guess that's what makes it so special! Well done boys and girls for making last Sunday such a blast! Huge thumbs up and I hope they'll be holding other craft markets. If you have a chance to rent a stall there ...DO,because it's well worth it! The shoppers are clued up,fashionable, familiar with the HAND MADE ethos and the Workers playtime ladies are great organizers!!!

Publicity/ visibility: FOUR STAR
General helpfulness/ approachability (related to the organizers):FIVE STAR
Value for money (IE stall rental): THREE STAR
Longevity/potential (will this craft event be one that people will come back to!):FIVE STAR


ONE STAR = bad
TWO STARS = moderate/average
FOUR STARS = great
FIVE STARS = fantastic

Please note:
This review was submitted by an genuine designer maker that partook in the above event. These are personal opinions and are subjected to individual views and expectations. If you have been mentioned in this post and feel misrepresented please contact us and we'll post your side of the story.

Craft thing...You make my heart sing!

Thanks to all the crafty creatures that came to the MAKE LOUNGE and to Jennifer for having us there!
Happy Valentine's day everyone and we hope your loved one enjoys your hand made gift...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Crest, Waltham Forest Art Competition

CREST Waltham Forest is an independent voluntary organisation that has been serving the people of the borough since 1971. CREST is committed to working with those of all faith traditions and of none to serve the community by empowering disadvantaged and marginalized groups through health, education, leisure and social action projects.
Crest Waltham Forest and EVOLVE – Postcard / logo competition £100.00 prize!!!

1. Overall objectives
To create a series of nine boxes that represents the eight life domains of the Community Bridge Builders.
Each box should represent ONE of the following themes. We would like to invite you to respond to one of the above themes.
If you would like to submit more than one artwork please note that it is ONE THEME PER BOX:
- THEMES for each BOX -

For more information,project criteria and art work submission please contact

What is CREST?

It currently operates four projects:
• Weekly Groups for Older People with a Disability that, through arts and crafts activities, healthy living advice, a cooked meal and educational speakers, promote independent living for approximately 75 local frail elderly people
• Evolve, a Community Bridge Building project that provides support to those people going to their GP with mild to moderate mental health problems. It supports them to take up mainstream services in the fields of arts, community, culture, education, employment, faith, leisure, sports, and volunteering
• Harmony Hall, a multicultural family centre serving the people of central Walthamstow, which is home to a host of varied adult education classes, faith and community groups as well as Waltham Forest Community Credit Union and North East London Advocacy Service
• Waltham Forest Mental Health Befriending Service, which trains and supports volunteers to provide an hour or two’s weekly support to local people with mild to moderate mental health problems who are lonely and socially isolated.