Friday 13 February 2009

Love-A-Fayre REVIEW!

The workers playtime at Bethnal Green's Working Mans Club has to be one of the most fun and fab events I've participated in in a long while. The venue itself is a monument to a past hugely ingrained in the English psyche but often forgotten and I for one love the fact that it's moved with the times but still holds that personal and familiar aura that unfortunately has almost disappeared in London. The idea of having Burlesque and club nights in a working mans club is one of pure genius! I guess that the most natural progression is using the club at every available time and the craft markets at the BGWMC are perfect for filling in diurnal slots. I get the feeling that though it's still a functioning Working Mans Club that they're happy that it's used in such an eclectic way because that's what keeps it alive and open.
The atmosphere is very young,hip and friendly and being so close to Brick Lane it's only natural that the "young, bright things" have found this little gem and made it their home. It is a little bit shabby but very handsome,honest and remains mainly untouched.I guess that's what makes it so special! Well done boys and girls for making last Sunday such a blast! Huge thumbs up and I hope they'll be holding other craft markets. If you have a chance to rent a stall there ...DO,because it's well worth it! The shoppers are clued up,fashionable, familiar with the HAND MADE ethos and the Workers playtime ladies are great organizers!!!

Publicity/ visibility: FOUR STAR
General helpfulness/ approachability (related to the organizers):FIVE STAR
Value for money (IE stall rental): THREE STAR
Longevity/potential (will this craft event be one that people will come back to!):FIVE STAR


ONE STAR = bad
TWO STARS = moderate/average
FOUR STARS = great
FIVE STARS = fantastic

Please note:
This review was submitted by an genuine designer maker that partook in the above event. These are personal opinions and are subjected to individual views and expectations. If you have been mentioned in this post and feel misrepresented please contact us and we'll post your side of the story.

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