Monday 23 February 2009

March...a time to make do and mend and celebrate our birthday!

It's official CRAFT GUERRILLA is one year old! This time last year it seemed to be an almost forgotten dream and it almost didn't come to life! Three years in the planning ,last March 2008 our little craft group started off as an answer to getting to grips with the world and it's unhealthy appetite with mass produced items and the waste it generates. Wow how things are a changing! We're happy that every one's woken up and joined us on this exciting and creative endeavour! We started off by holding craft markets but things have a funny way of coming together and evolving into even bigger and better projects. Because of the markets we've met many talented people and because of them things like the D.I.Y. craft nights have come to light and become the success they are today.
Join us for a celebration of what we hope will be the first of many more!
The first 50 people through the door will get a goody bag...all you early birds get a special crafty treat!
As usual we'll have some fun and easy craft projects,guest DJ's, vintage board games and impromptu workshops. This edition Lisa Margreet will be holding a "make do and mend" session. Bring along those slightly tatty knitted items and she'll show you how to darn them back into life! Now is no time for chucking things out and because we're all feeling the pinch we're still not charging an entry fee! However there is a small charge per craft pack but you get a project and hopefully some new skill you can use in future. So weather you want to learn something new or brush up on a forgotten skill we hope you can join us!
Also don't forget to bring your GUILTY PLEASURES.Your love to hate/hate to love records! The fab DJ duo Handsome Twins will spin them for you and you wont have to own up to it!
All craftes welcome. Bring your own projects and if we can help you let us know.
See you all soon.
Craft Guerrilla

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Fabric Nation said...

Congratulations! Sadly, its too far for me from deepest South London, but have fun! Lovely to meet the maker of my miffy purse at ther love-a-fair. By the way, indietracks are looking for people to run crafty events. Have a look of their website or facebook. x