Sister armies... join us!

Want to be part of Craft Guerrilla?

 We're looking for bright crafty people with a flair for making, teaching, organising and sharing the love for hand made!!! 
We're recruiting core team members from all over the world to set up sister armies in their home cities and London too!
London is a big old place and we'd love to share our amazing events, philosophy and opportunities with others in one of the most creative and vibrant cities in the universe... East London is only the first chapter of our story!

Want to be part of it?

It's simple, just drop us a line and we'll tell you what we're looking for! E-mail :

*Please note that that we have a strict policy on usage of our name (Craft Guerrilla is trademarked) and we do require potential sister army team leaders to apply prior to starting up, follow a few T&C's and criteria.


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