Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The Future is Hand Made. The Craft Guerrilla Residency starts this Thursday!

This Thursday the 22nd of November we begin our residency in Finamore, Walthamstow Village London. 
We'll be there until Xmas eve so plenty of time to get some shopping done!
Finamore is a cute little shop which sells vintage, antiques and collectibles and we thought it would make a fantastic backdrop to sell beautiful hand made goods by some awesome London based designers and artisans. Again! We had a pop up there 7 years ago and it was fab so although we think the way is forward somethings are worth revisiting!

Each item has been hand selected to offer discerning shoppers the best in designer maker talent! 
We have tons of beautiful hand made goods, from jewellery, millinery, illustrations, cards, T-shirts to even designer accessories for dogs...  Come down and see for yourself!
We'll be hosting a special late night shopping and "Meet the Maker" events throughout with some special offers and lots of seasonal merriment so keep those peeper peeled for details...

OPEN Thursdays to Sunday only:

Thurs./Fri./Sat: 11am - 4 pm
Sunday:  noon - 4pm