Wednesday 30 January 2013

Baby I Love you! Valentine's Special!

If you're seeking a quirky, off the peg gift for your loved one then have a look at our hand made romantic directory:

Miss Cakehead's Anatomical Heart Pop up shop...

When - 8th - 10th February
Where - 133 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG
For a truly wonderful selection of curated Valentine inspired treats by the fabulous "lady of gore cakes" Miss Cake Head come along to this East End pop up boutique.
You'll find everything you'll need to make your lover's heart skip a beat from gorgeous illustrated greeting cards, hand made designer mementos to having the opportunity of offering them your heart on a plate! Yup edible hearts....don't panic they are in fact made of cake!
Open for two days only so don't miss it!

Wonderhill Market Valentine's Edition...

Cards by Sew Smitten

When: 10th February 12-5pm
Where: Tooting Tram and Social
46-48 Mitcham Road, SW17 9NA 
This has to be one of our favourite markets in London. Not only are the organizers amazing people but the venue is also quite special too. Choose from a selection of goods from London's top designers right up to ethically sourced Vintage Clothing plus there is cake...and cocktails...and live music! Amazing!!! 

Or if you fancy making it your self then have a look at these tutorials:

Love heart Cheese cake... Click on the link for the recipe... "HERE"

Fabric heart garland... Tutorial "Here"

Fortune Cookies added to the breakfast in bed tray will make a nice surprise...
Recipe "here"...

And a selection of ready made smooch inducing gifts....

Miniature heart by Kivaford

A Diamond Ring by MOKOSHOP...

Leather Wallet for your fella by DNA Creations...

And some cufflinks too by Gwen Delicious...

Ceramic anatomical heart by Carolyn Wass

AND finally here are some kittens just for the hell of it and because...we LOVE kittens!
*Please don't buy kittens...but if you intend to make your lover a pet owner check with him or her before you go out and get one. If he or she is happy about it then please do but preferably find one from a cat/animal rescue.We love cats but we also LOVE responsible pet owners!*

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Sunday 27 January 2013

Happy us!

That's right my little crafting kittens this year Craft Guerrilla is 5 years old! We're a little bit like the queen as far as celebrating Birthdays go because we do have 2 dates... our official BIRTHDAY which is in January and our PARTY DAY which is in March. Sorry Queenie but we can't let you have all the fun!

Don't worry though, we've already celebrated a little bit just to mark the occasion but we're saving ourselves for March when we will be throwing a CRAFTACULAR BIRTHDAY PARTY which you can all attend!
So keep them peepers peeled and don't forget...Crafting is awesome so lets celebrate!!!

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Monday 14 January 2013

Who fancies a cuppa?

NEW to the Craft Guerrilla shop "My Rosie Lee" contemporary homewares!

Beautifully designed in the UK on English bone china these gorgeous mugs will have you reaching for the kettle with a smile on your face... what a wonderful way to make your tea break that little bit more stylish!!!
Available at our concession space at Black Duke & Cashman, 83 Grove Road, Walthamstow, London E17.
You know we also sell cakes in the shop on weekends don't you? Oooooh tea and we're talking!!!

new gorgeous black & white design available in our shop!

Thursday 3 January 2013

In the new year make a difference!

Last NYE after midnight and after the fireworks plus the obligatory sing along to "Auld lang syne" died down I was asked what resolutions I had for the new year.
Normally I don't participate as I think change should be something we partake in on a daily basis and not only once a year!
So when we were approached by The Craftivist Collective to help promote their "I'm a piece" project it was without hesitation that we readied our selves to tell you all about them and this wonderful project...

As a fellow crafter I’m calling on you to start 2013 by using what you do - craft - to help end world hunger! By partaking in the "I'm a piece" campaign you'll be joining others and we believe in strength in numbers so this project is right up our street!

* Because in a world were we know how to solve hunger we still have 2.3 million children across the world die because of hunger every year
* If world leaders invest in life saving interventions that work (like supporting small-scale farmers, teaching people about healthy eating etc) it could save 1 million lives each year

Why now?
The UK and our Prime Minister David Cameron are hosting the G8 Summit in 2013 where world leaders meet to discuss international issues
Cameron, has already said that he will put hunger at the top of the agenda of world leaders - we just need to make sure he sticks to his word & commits to the UK giving more international aid (a tiny 0.7% of our GDP) and championing the small and brilliant projects across the word already tackling hunger so more projects like them can be created and sustained.
Our deadline for getting all the jigsaw pieces in is 28 February which gives you time to do a few minutes a week or complete a piece one evening or weekend but will go in a blink of an eye too if we aren’t careful.

How can little-old-me be a piece of the solution?
You can stitch messages onto material jigsaw pieces which will be put together to make a HUGE creative, crafty installation alternative to a petition that Save the Children will show off to our Government, the public and World Leaders showing that hundreds, even thousands of us, want, with world leaders, to be a part of the solution to hunger, not the problem. You can also give a jigsaw piece to your local MP to remind them to be a part of the solution too or at least tell them about the piece you made for the installation.

This our piece that we presented to our MP Stella Creasy

For further information, templates and other ways you can help visit:

A bit about the Craftivist Collective...

Craftivist Collective is a group of individuals who believe in the power of craft to make a difference. They are known for their mini-banners and public stitch-ins, and aim to expose and tackle injustice and poverty through provocative, non-violent action. Fin out more here:

Save The Children works in more than 20 countries, saving the lives of children, fighting for their rights and helping them fulfill their potential. You can find out more about the "Race Against Hunger" campaign here: