Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Craft Guerrilla wants you!

We've been inundated with requests from others to follow the Craft Guerrilla manifesto! From Portugal,Sweden to Scotland fellow crafty creatures have all asked how to start their own! Ha ha's very simple! You can email us and we'll tell you all about it!
Also we've been busy spreading the word and we've been invited to host D.I.Y. craft events in several venues and we're very much looking forward to it! Have a look at our events diary page and come and visit us!
Lot's of exciting projects and new twists to the D.I.Y. craft events...
Here are a few of the new exciting dates
The Make Lounge 8th April (special Easter event)
93 Feet East 5th May (monthly)
The Old Queens Head 9th May (monthly)
Indie Tracks Music Festival July 24 - 26 Derbyshire
Don't forget that we're still at the Castle in Walthamstow for our E17 Monthly night!

So it's all systems go and we would like to include our lovely guys and gals...
This is were you creative luvvies come in....THE CRAFT GUERRILLA WANTS YOU!
We're looking for people that can make "Craft Packs" and host D.I.Y. Craft events with us. Preferably you're already familiar with us and we'd like to recruit people which have had at least a stall with us at one of our craft markets. Otherwise to apply you need to contact us via email and send us a few JPEG's of your work and a brief outline of what you make, your craft skills and what you think you can add to the Craft Nights.More details and T&C's will be emailed to you after you've contacted us. It's a chance to work with in a fun, creative community and also make a bit of extra cash...
All money from your "craft pack" sales goes to you. We will never take any commission from our fellow designer makers!

P.S. Check out our news page and see what else has been happening.

A very creative bunch!!!

This is what we love...people that grab a craft pack and make it their own. Craft Guerrilla guys and gals are a very creative lot and we're happy to be surrounded by so many talented people!
Myriam bought the craft pack at our last D.I.Y. craft night and she looks gorgeous in her personalised recycled fabric fascinator! She's added on vintage finds and feathers to it ...hmmmm I wonder if she'd take commissions and make me one?!
Send us photos of your handy work made from our "craft packs" and we'll show case them on our blog page!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pink Doodle

Originating from London, United Kingdom, is set to be yet another buy and sell marketplace for the creative community. What makes them different, we ask? Pinkdoodle recognizes the homogeneity of existing marketplaces that leave very little room for any more like it. Pinkdoodle targets to explore business elements that lack in many Creative businesses today, and this has become a goal of focus in that will set Pinkdoodle different from the others.

Pinkdoodle encourages sellers to include marketing to their plan, stressing its potential as a significant aid to any businesses. Creative business unlike any other business, is never generic, each and every one of them attracting their very own niche markets, who best to know one's consumer than the sellers themselves? Pinkdoodle is confident in the maximum impact achievable by implementing marketing into sellers' business plans.

The features are regularly added and those already available on site are geared to align with the business empowering goal, such as the ability to sell and view items in 1 of 18 major currencies, allowing friendlier access for international audience; Facebook application that currently allows sellers to promote their selling items to their network of friends; Microbe, an embeddable site application; a Pinkdoodle sub-domain, and an email address. More features are on the pipeline.

The site is still in its early days. Nonetheless, it is warmly welcomed by the Creative community and quickly gaining interests. They are offering 3 free listings for newly registered members. So be sure to take up this opportunity to try them out.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found...a fab little company offering great one off jewellery...
Here is what Imogen had to say:
"Lost&Found started as a way for me to put to use some of the things I collect - buttons, charms, vintage beads and toys. I make charm necklaces from things I find in second hand, car boot sales and antiques shops and each item in the Lost&Found shop is completely unique."

We love it! Go on you fashionable minxes you know you can't resist a bit of bling!!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

An amendment...

It seems that some people got the wrong end of the stick regarding the "Clothing Swap Shop". Unfortunately we're not hosting it but it's run by a friend (Annalisa Thompson and her Husband Zac) and we thought we'd post it so all you lovely people could help get the word out and ultimately bag a few new outfits without a guilty conscience! We hope it hasn't upset the organisers but it's all for charity and we back it 100%. So regardless of who's organised it...get there and swap some clothing tonight for a much needed charity project!

Guerrilla photos...

Thanks to everyone that made it such a fun night!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Craft Gallore!

As if it wasn't enough offering our crafty friends goody bags we've also composed a gorgeous craft filled raffle prize for tonight's 1st Birthday Bash! "What's in the bag dad?"you ask. Well...recycled fabric crocheted shopper, jewellery, cookie cutters, a bottle of Cava and tons more yet to be confirmed! Sounds good?
At only £1 a pop you can't lose! Try your luck and if the Lady is smiling down on you you might just bag yourself a few treats.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Castle to get there!

We're so excited about tomorrow!!!
Craft goody bags are at the ready and I'll be icing some fairy cakes this evening. So much to do but well worth it!
A few of you on your first visit had said that the pub was a little bit difficult to find... we wouldn't you to get lost and miss out!
Click on the link to view map...
See you soon.
Craft Guerrilla

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Making it into the local rag!

How exciting The East London Craft Guerrilla has a whole page devoted to the D.I.Y. craft night! OK so it's taken a while to catch on but I'm pleased that for our first birthday the good people of W.F.G. have recognised the trend for crafting. Yes my darlings it's reached the suburbs!Actually it's quietly been going on for a while now.
So there are a few inconsistencies but hey,that happens.
No one would be the wiser but I should clarify...
Yes I did study Ceramics in Porto (Portugal) but it's not my home town. I love Porto and yes that's were my roots are. It's complicated to explain...I'm a child of the world!
Handsome Twins are mine and Lisa's alter DJ ego and we're not part of the Crimes against Pop collective. They are our mates and we love them dearly and love the fact that they are playing on Wednesday but "Crimes" is their baby! As for free craft packs...not quite. Free goody bags packed with stuff but we wouldn't want anyone to come and be disappointed.However there are craft packs to purchase so you can create on the night or take away with you. I hear there are a few special projects for this edition!
As far as "Stitch and Bitch" joining us...I had no idea there was a local S&B group but they're very welcome to join us. Finally Louise...Batten and not Batter. Again these things happen and it's no big-e.
I'm just pretty stoked that Craft's making news!!!Hooray!
Roll on Wednesday!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Swap shop...

If only she had gone to a cloths swap!

Bored of your old wardrobe ladies? Had enough of crocheted hand me downs? Fancy swapping your old clothes for new? Bring along any unwanted apparel and get your lovely mitts on someone else's clobber!

Join us at 'the horse' pub* for drinks, cakes and a new frock or two.
Cover charge five pounds per person. Invite your friends. Especially any that have clothing you covet...I'm sure with a little bit of gentle persuasion that you can get them to part with THAT dress you've been secretly admiring!

All proceeds go towards helping fund development work in Africa: fair trade fashion and construction projects (See website for more details
Please bring at least one item of clothing. Accessories and shoes welcome. (Must be clean and in good condition)

*the horse pub 122-124 Westmister Bridge Road.
Lambeth North tube station
Saturday 21st March

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday night? Drinks, cakes and fashion!Hooray,my idea of heaven.
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Local artists exhibit in Dubai!!!

Beautiful Interiors is taking Walthamstow to Dubai!
Our friend Penny Fielding, the gorgeous shop keeper/artist that lends out her shop garden to the Craft Guerrilla guys and gals for our craft markets has embarked on an artistic expedition.
A selection of artists have been chosen to exhibit in the United Arab Emirates.
Works by Paul Robinson, Anssi Sojakka and Paul Tucker will be exhibited from Friday 20th of
March to Friday 5th of June.

The Launch party: 20th of March from 7pm to 11pm.
For more details,map and flyer visit:

If you know anyone out in Dubai give them a nudge so they can come and support some fellow
Walthamstonians. Please forward it on!

Shimmer and weave:

Also hitting the international stage is one of the Craft Guerrilla. Taking her sparkling jewels to Dubai is our own Ellen Jones. Best of luck with her sale on Wednesday the 18th of March in Dubai. We know she'll go down a splash in the U.A.E.
More details at