Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Local artists exhibit in Dubai!!!

Beautiful Interiors is taking Walthamstow to Dubai!
Our friend Penny Fielding, the gorgeous shop keeper/artist that lends out her shop garden to the Craft Guerrilla guys and gals for our craft markets has embarked on an artistic expedition.
A selection of artists have been chosen to exhibit in the United Arab Emirates.
Works by Paul Robinson, Anssi Sojakka and Paul Tucker will be exhibited from Friday 20th of
March to Friday 5th of June.

The Launch party: 20th of March from 7pm to 11pm.
For more details,map and flyer visit:

If you know anyone out in Dubai give them a nudge so they can come and support some fellow
Walthamstonians. Please forward it on!

Shimmer and weave:

Also hitting the international stage is one of the Craft Guerrilla. Taking her sparkling jewels to Dubai is our own Ellen Jones. Best of luck with her sale on Wednesday the 18th of March in Dubai. We know she'll go down a splash in the U.A.E.
More details at www.pennyfielding.com

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