Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pink Doodle

Originating from London, United Kingdom, is set to be yet another buy and sell marketplace for the creative community. What makes them different, we ask? Pinkdoodle recognizes the homogeneity of existing marketplaces that leave very little room for any more like it. Pinkdoodle targets to explore business elements that lack in many Creative businesses today, and this has become a goal of focus in that will set Pinkdoodle different from the others.

Pinkdoodle encourages sellers to include marketing to their plan, stressing its potential as a significant aid to any businesses. Creative business unlike any other business, is never generic, each and every one of them attracting their very own niche markets, who best to know one's consumer than the sellers themselves? Pinkdoodle is confident in the maximum impact achievable by implementing marketing into sellers' business plans.

The features are regularly added and those already available on site are geared to align with the business empowering goal, such as the ability to sell and view items in 1 of 18 major currencies, allowing friendlier access for international audience; Facebook application that currently allows sellers to promote their selling items to their network of friends; Microbe, an embeddable site application; a Pinkdoodle sub-domain, and an email address. More features are on the pipeline.

The site is still in its early days. Nonetheless, it is warmly welcomed by the Creative community and quickly gaining interests. They are offering 3 free listings for newly registered members. So be sure to take up this opportunity to try them out.

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madpiano said...

The website doesn't seem to be working ?