Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Swap shop...

If only she had gone to a cloths swap!

Bored of your old wardrobe ladies? Had enough of crocheted hand me downs? Fancy swapping your old clothes for new? Bring along any unwanted apparel and get your lovely mitts on someone else's clobber!

Join us at 'the horse' pub* for drinks, cakes and a new frock or two.
Cover charge five pounds per person. Invite your friends. Especially any that have clothing you covet...I'm sure with a little bit of gentle persuasion that you can get them to part with THAT dress you've been secretly admiring!

All proceeds go towards helping fund development work in Africa: fair trade fashion and construction projects (See website for more details
Please bring at least one item of clothing. Accessories and shoes welcome. (Must be clean and in good condition)

*the horse pub 122-124 Westmister Bridge Road.
Lambeth North tube station
Saturday 21st March

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday night? Drinks, cakes and fashion!Hooray,my idea of heaven.
Hope to see you there!


warriorgrrl said...

This sounds great - is it this Saturday?

leveretdreaming said...


Is this exclusively for girls? Are you not expecting many boys there?