Friday 31 August 2012

We say GOOD BYE to the Rose & Crown!

As from September we'll be wrapping up our D.I.Y. Craft Nights at the Rose & Crown Pub.
That's right the 13th of September will be our last! *Details to be announced soon!*

This year has been a tough one with lots of changes, new ventures which haven't worked, other exciting ones that have flourished... hence the need to manage our time in a wiser, more productive kind of way!
All this has pushed us not just into new avenues but also into thinking about our events. Fresh thinking is needed...
So we've thought long and hard about our craft nights and whether it's a good idea to keep going but it doesn't make sense especially as numbers of participants have been dwindling.
A few factors like lack of suitable lighting, too many similar events in the same venue (yes there are now 2 other "Stitch & Bitch" nights in the same pub!), the slow down in the economy etc. have prompted us to take this difficult decision. But we've been doing these craft nights in E17 for almost 5 years now so time for a change! Plus we can't offer our time or materials for free.

So it's time we take a break and come back in the near future stronger and with a different format but still as crafty as ever! We would like to remain in the local area but we're not afraid to travel. The craft gypsy caravan is packed and ready to hit the road!!!

Keep an eye out as we promise we're not ceasing to exist... we're just streamlining our events so they work for us and for our lovely patrons.
Rather then just keep doing them for the sake of it we basically need to regroup and get our Crafty Mojo back!

Thank you all at the Rose & Crown (we'll miss you!) and to all the crafty people who've made so much with us along the years...Thank you for your support and see you soon!

A Craft Guerrilla Crafter at the Black Heart Camden
*Please note that you can catch us in December at our Christmas Craft Emporium fair! Sign up to our mailing list to keep yourself updated on all our events and crafty adventures!!!

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