Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Oh yes...our Zines are back!!!

After a little break - lets face it sometimes a break is just what is needed - The Craft Guerrilla Zine is back!
We were publishing them every 3 months but with so much to do this was another task that unfortunately got left behind! There is so much one woman can do but now we'll be opening up the opportunity to any creatives who'd like to produce a zine for us! You'd pretty much be given free reign but it needs to showcase CRAFT, ART, HAND MADE, MUSIC, CAKE and all things creative and generally following the existing format...you can even use it to plug your work and services though we will have the overall control of what's included or not as we need to keep things to our high standards. Please email us and send samples of your work if you'd like to guest produce the next zine which should be out in Autumn (September).

This edition was guest edited and written by Sanna of "Sannapanda & Friends".
Living in the UK sometimes is hard and not very summery even in Mid summer! Her lovely musings on Mid Summer and her Scandi upbringing are enough to make you long for balmy nights filled with cricket song, bare feet on long grass and sunshine seen through the trees!

Check out Sanna's web site for beautiful things and for inspiration! We heart you lady!!!

Available to purchase only as a PDF on our web shop mainly because we want to be as green as possible so we've decided to sell them as a file rather then print them on paper!
This way if you'd like to print out your own copy you can!!!

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