Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Creative Biscuit...Crafternoons with the Craft Guerrilla!

Hooray lovely crafting people we'll be at Creative Biscuit Ceramics Café this coming Friday to get you in the weekend mood!
So many of you requested a weekend date so here you go! We like to help you with your busy life and totally understand that sometimes you can't fit everything into the week. BUT Friday...that's the end of the struggle and the beginning of your freedom and what better way is there then kicking it off with a bit of creativity.
Join us from 6pm, make, sip tea and eat cake. Come  and relax your way into Friday night and get rid of that hard working week feeling!!! We'll be finished by 9.30 pm so if you fancy carrying on South Woodford has quite a few nice pubs so why not make a night of it...

£5 entry includes free tea and a slice of cake!
No booking required.

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