Sunday, 13 November 2011

10 minute project...

This cute pincushion ring can be made in about 10 minutes flat. It's sweet, quick and an easy project to make when you're felling crafty but are pressed for time.
Also you can make it entirely out of recycled materials!!!

You'll need: a scrap of fabric (outer circle)
a piece of felt or denim (inner circle)
a plastic top from a drinks bottle
drill or dibber
a needle and a pin
a glue gun

So come one...get your bits and bobs together and lets start making:

Before we start : plug in your glue gun (if you haven't one use a strong adhesive and leave to dry overnight)

Step 1: cut a circle out of some fabric and a smaller circle out of a stiffer material like denim or felt.

Step 2: centre and pin the inner circle into place. Sew a running stitch on the outer fabric just short of the inner circle. I've used red thread so you can see but I would have used white cotton thread otherwise.
Step 3: pull the stitches together to form a ruff and so your circle becomes a little pouch...

Step 4: fill with stuffing or roving (wool for needle felting), pull tight and stitch into place so it doesn't undo. You should have a tight little bundle.

Step 5: drill a hole with a craft drill or use a dibber to make two holes in your plastic bottle top.
Step 6: cut a piece of elastic and place through the holes to make the base of your pin cushion ring.

Step 7: once you pulled through your elastic, place on your finger and tie a knot on each end so it fits perfectly. Snip any surplus elastic.

Step 8: place a dab of glue under the knot so to keep it in place and a large dab over the elastic plus around the inner rim of the bottle cap. Place your stuffed pincushion top into the glued cap and press down firmly into place. Leave to dry for a minute.

Step 9: place a few dabs of glue and add the ribbon on the outside and tie both ends into a bow. Stitch a small tack stitch to keep the bow secure.

Step 10: Et Voila, C'est fini!!!!

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