Friday, 4 November 2011


After yesterday's inspirational talk by the knitting queen Debbie Bliss I threw my hand at a little bit of woolie crafting. I'm not a natural knitter or crocheter come to that...which is odd because as I child I loved sitting with my gran on the terrace crocheting dresses for my dollies. I seem to remember that I was quite good too but I think that when it comes to these types of crafts that the old saying "you never forget, it's like riding a bike" doesn't apply. Well not in my case anyway.
However I can do the basics so I picked up a crochet needle, a nice chunky size 12 hook and made a multi strand neck piece. It's actually quite cozy and soft so it also functions as a scarf thingy...not sure it would classify as a snood or scarf but "thingy" will do for now.

It was really easy to make. Crochet a few different lengths 2 row crochet strands, lay them out on a flat surface, place them in decreasing size order then attach ends with a piece of your yarn or stitch together so you're left with what could look like a multi chain open ended necklace. So you're attaching the strand onto the last strand then onto the next. You should still have two ends and not a continuous loop.
Form a small loop with the biggest strand on one end and sew a chunky bead on to the other to fasten shut. Et voila!

Now that I've reignited the passion for all things wool I'm pretty sure that my main problem is deciphering patterns. The actual process of knitting and crocheting is straight forward and simple and what I find scary are the abbreviations, terms, the variation of terms between US and UK patterns and so forth.It's like a language in itself!
I guess if explained and if my attention span wasn't so short then I would be able to master the knit!
Hum, maybe in the new year we can get a tutor in to run a knitting workshop for A.D.D. knitters.
I'm sure a lot of you would like to learn to read patterns...non?!

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