Thursday, 3 November 2011

Christmas stress buster...

With almost two whole months to get through until the big day and I'm already starting to feel the stress!
Head pounding, palm sweating, back aching not to mention the gammy pirate leg aches and pains all due to STRESS and all that comes from trying to find those elusive bits & bobs we all crave for in order to host a splendorous and perfect Christmas. Why do we keep doing this to ourselves? Friends and family will love us regardless...even if you served a paper plate full of cheesy wotsits they'd still love you!
Seems that we're not just content with making the perfect presents, decoupaging beautiful decorations, baking scrumptious cakes, mixing gorgeous yule tide cocktails as well as printing our own gift wrap it also looks like we're ready to embark on the voyage of discovery where you WILL finding that perfect "It's a Wonderful Life" kissing under the mistletoe frock... no matter what!
So my little crafty chums let me help you a tiny are a few links to some pretty cool designer makers, fashion providers, tutorials and "gift ideas"that will surely make your life a little bit easier in the run up to the festive season.
The links feature a few of my favourite things...Some you'll be able to purchase and because I always find making relaxing I've added a few links to fab tutorials and workshops for you to MAKE your own too!
What about the " Family Guy" Clip? Ha, that's just because apart from a very large cocktail you'll also need a good pinch of humour to keep you going.... the Peter Griffith Christmas Album snippet always makes me laugh!

*Tattoo tights... all the fun of tattoos without the pain. Make your own:

*Gorgeous Vintage clothing by Frillseekers. Visit them in Portobello Market or at their pop up boutique at our monthly Make do & Mend D.I.Y. craft night...

*Hand made and totally lush accessories:
For more online hand made shopping visit:

*Take a little tea break or go get some tasty treats to adorn your festive table. Sometimes you just don't have the time so get some gorgeous cup cakes to treat yourself, friends and family:

*Making your own truffles can be the best stress buster around...mmmm...the smell of chocolate is quite soothing! Make some to give or book a spot in the workshop as a gift:

*Check for events close to where you live and buy hand made! Don't forget we're in Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow on the 3rd of December!

*A Classic but still a great read and a great companion to the modern household.

*Beautiful, understated Christmas decorations. A great step by step tutorial and a top blog too:

*Give your gifts a certain "Je nes sais quoi" with I Heart Zenna's gorgeous tape:

 *Inspirational this printed wrapping paper by Layla Amber:
Visit her on line shop for perfect little gifts:

*The ultimate pre Christmas relaxer...Drink, shop and do!  OOH I also hear they're opening a Club Night downstairs in the former "Sex Shop"... wowzer now it's Drink, Shop, Do & Dance!!!,_Shop_%26_Do/Drink,_Shop_%26_Do_%E2%80%94_Do.html

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Becky said...

This is a great list.
My boyfriend and I make truffles every year, they're easy, fun and make great presents. Perfect :)