Friday, 25 November 2011

Christmas Fair Designers. Lets take a sneaky peek....

I so wish I had a furry little mutt to lavish with gifts this Christmas but unfortunately my two cats wouldn't appreciate the edition to the house hold so for now...I'm content with buying gifts for my family and friends who are lucky enough to have a pooch!
Cute hand printed key chain!

Edwyn UK is lovely pet oriented hand made company but it's not all for fashionable doggies or cute little kittens as Louise Brooker makes gorgeous home wares too! Sturdy, handsome and pet proof so in my book that's pretty good!!!

Dog shield cushion...what a great idea for a family crest!

Dog bone cushion...super cute!

So if you know any pet lovers who pine for a little furry friend then maybe this could be a perfect gift! Not every land lord welcomes animals so maybe a beautiful doggy inspired cushion could help fill that pet shaped void...

Dog collar neckerchief! Handsome and cool for any stylish dog about town!

Drought excluder...very useful for draft UK homes!

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