Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Ned Flanders
If you're anything like me you'll have an inexplicable fondness for facial hair.  If Freud had sat me down on his couch he'd point out that it was possibly due to my father and his and Ned Flanders shared admiration of 1970's moustachio styling!
Salvador Dali
Ah yes Moustaches...lovely hairy caterpillars that only males can grow and wear with such panache and grace!
From the thin pre war pencil tache, the handle bar, full on eighteenth century mutton chops, a Magnum P. I. bushy pleasure seeker, tamed and coiffed goth goatees, curly wirly Daliesque works of art to full on Grizzly Adams woolie face warmers. All sexy and very much wanted for this charity grow-a-thon!
I'm aware that though I have a deep seeded wish to have one grace my chops that unless I become a circus bearded lady that it won't happen... well not any time soon!

Alas because of that love we've come up with a craft kit which we'll sell throughout November at our Craft Events and we'll donate £2 of each sale to MOVEMBER. This way even if you can't grow your own you'll be able to be part of the club! So if you too love woolie face furniture come along and get your Needle Felted Moustache brooch kit and do something charitable too. Perfect for baby faced chaps and for moustache loving ladies!
However if you'd like to sponsor a chap to grow his own or would like to know more about this charity please visit the web site: http://uk.movember.com/

There are lots of great ideas on the Movember site to get your creativity going so if you'd like to be involved by throwing your own Movember event get in touch with the charity...I think they'd be very pleased!
So wax and twiddle those hairy babies and get raising some funds!

BUT before I leave you to your hairy endeavors here are a few images of some of my favourite facially hirsute gentlemen. Please note the bear is pretty cool too:
Grizzly Adams with his bear (d)

Johnny Depp

Sigmund Freud

Tom Selleck aka Magnum P.I.
Nick Cave

Brad Pitt
The Dude, The Big Lebowski

Karl Marx


Mya.L said...

You forgot Jim Henson!

munano said...

LOL...there are so many!!!! :)