Friday, 28 October 2011

Crafteramma Swaperamma!

This November and December bring along to our d.i.y craft nights any unwanted craft materials which include fabrics,threads,wool,tools,vintage finds, jewellery bits,books,paper goods, etc.

November: Thursday 11th 9.00pm - swap 9.30 pm
December: Thursday 8th 9.00pm - swap 9.30 pm
Ye Olde Rose & Crown
53-55 Hoe street E17 4SA

Because everyone's on a tight budget and if you're anything like me I'm sure you have hoards of left over bits which you don't use anymore so your trash can be "another man's treasure"! 
Because I'm in the middle of cleaning my workshop I've found that there is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of odds and ends which I will not be using and are just taking up space.
The chances are that you also have some Crafty loot in your home and probably will never use so this is the perfect opportunity to swap and get your mittens on some useful bits for any last minute Chrimbo or even NEW YEAR projects.
Remember to wash and iron any materials and all bits and bobs should be in fairly good re usable condition and clean. 

Please package your "Swaperamma" loot in groups in clear bags or jars. For example fabrics in one bag, buttons in another. For wool please bag these in groups of 4 ( bundles or balls of wool) so it's nice and fair when it comes to swapping.

How will it work?

We'll get everyone to lay down their loot on a table and you'll be issued with tickets for what you have brought to exchange.
From 9.00 pm you'll have 30 minutes to go through the bounty and spot anything you like. 
At 9.30 pm we'll officially open the "Swaperamma" and you can grab what you want according to the number of tickets you have. 

SO...If you have 5 tickets you can take 5 bags of CRAFT SWAG no matter what type of stuff you've brought in! If you've brought in buttons but need wool...swap it!
We know that there might be a few choice bits which a couple or more people will want but...NO BUN FIGHTS PLEASE!!! If this is the case we'll do our best to be fair and split it between everyone or toss a coin if needed!
We'd also like to remind you that any unwanted swag bags need to be taken back by their rightful owners please... though you might want to hang on to them for the next spate of Crafteramma Swapperamma events in 2012.

We'll be asking for a £1 donation per "CRAFTY SWAG BAG" and all money raised goes to "The Brooke" (
A Horse and Donkey welfare charity which work closely with farmers, animal handlers in poor countries to educate people and treat working animals.

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