Monday, 17 October 2011

Calling all designer makers...

If you're a designer maker and would like to sell your wares at a fab little ceramics café in South Woodford then you really should read on.

Creative Biscuit is a family run ceramics café which is co-run by a fellow designer maker Karen Dunn, aka Créme Anglaise, and her partner/fabulous baker Tim.
They took over less then a year ago and apart from offering the whole ceramic café experience they also host our monthly "Crafternoon" and are now also offering craft workshops with designer maker tutors.

So part of the new look and new management, Karen and Tim are very keen to open the café to designer makers and have a Gallery Shop area selling high quality hand made products.
If you're interested and would like to sell your products get in touch...
web site: 
or call Karen/Tim directly: 020 85322824

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