Monday, 17 October 2011

Autumn Vintage fun...

Autumn is firmly here and we're gearing up for some cozy crafting!
Last spring there was the very good intention that fell to the way side, like most of them do in my case, of sorting out my winter wardrobe. Lots of moth action ensued during the last few years and though I had plenty of time to darn and sort out all my woolens but...well I'm sure you can work out what happened! So I will be bringing my holey jumpers to mend (better late then never!) and will be looking through the "Frill Seekers" boutique for some seasonal inspiration.
The beret has been bought and the knitted snood has been started...  woo hee it's gonna be a cold winter so get crafting!

This month's mini workshop details to be announced soon but it's a very good make do & mend themed project! Let's just say Suffolk Puffs...yum lots of recycling!

Also don't forget that Claire Hair will be there this month as unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances she couldn't make it last craft night. But she's got her hair pins on stand by for the 10th!

So get your selves down to the Rose & Crown, have a snifter of sherry, get a cute retro hair do, pick up a few crafty tips and a new "old" frock! With such fashionable offerings...We're going to rock these Autumn blues away!!!


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