Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday's Craft Crush...

OK so it's more then just a Friday thing... this craft crush goes way beyond and I for one will be embracing it for the whole of the season for this craft is not just a one day thing!
Oh no...with the colder weather heading our way embracing all things woolly is something we really rather enjoy!
Now that the nights are drawing in, and lets face it the telly is pretty bleak, here's your chance to get knitting your very own home accessories and personal wears... and  it's not all about knitted bed socks, chunky throws, men in beards wearing Aran Jumpers -though we quite enjoy these too!- it goes beyond that.
And if you can't knit... don't worry, submit to the knit by either signing up to a stitch & bitch night, visiting your local yarn shop or getting your nanna to show you how but failing that check out You Tube for online tutorials! 

Below are a few of our top picks of things you might want to make.
Oh yeah and to look at too... the man in the beard well... he's a gift. Take it. Enjoy!

URCHIN POUF by Christien Meindertsma

For a book packed with projects "Make it your own" by Anna Alicia.

This is so wrong that it's right!photo by HelloYarn©

Hair Bow tutorial by squeakyswing©

Not sure who this handsome chap is but... look he looks pretty good in a jumper plus he's got a beard! Bliss!

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