Saturday, 23 November 2013

We wish you a crafty Christmas!

Here's some of our top hand made gift ideas chosen for craft aficionados and for those yet to be glamoured by hand made magic!

There's so much out there to entice you to part with your money but you know us we want to make this world a more hand made friendly one so yeah... we hope we can dangle the proverbial carrot -a hand made carrot of course!- to get you gifting your friends and loved ones with some fine, original and fabulous designer maker products.
We've found lots of great gift ideas for lovers of cute, for edgy rockers, for girlie girls and even something for those "difficult to buy for" boys!

Our beady eyes have been on the internet trawling through sites, blogs and web shops to find the best of  the best...

So please... take a peep and make someone's Christmas a very merry and crafty hand made one!

Hey foxy! Fox scarf by Donna Wilson©
Beautiful hand made toys -and they're not just for kids- by Annapavlovna©
A little bird house for your soul... by Alice Ellis-Hayle ©

Tattooed Lumber Jack by Mimi Kirchner©
No need to get inked... swallow necklace by EllyMental©
Temporary Tattoos by The Aviary ©

And for a bit of relaxing... Eye Pillow by Margaret's Blanket©
Beautifully chic hand made underwear by Charm & Laundry©
Keeping rosy... heart studs by Wychbury Designs©

Beardy Man Plate Donna Wilson©
Leather key fob at A Platform©
T-shirt by Ocular©

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