Thursday, 28 November 2013

Open for business...

Finally after almost two years in the making we've managed to get our on line shop started! We'll be adding to it as we go along so make sure to stop by frequently.
Because we like to keep things fresh we'll be adding to it and refreshing our stock whenever something catches our little beady guerrilla eye... plus with so much designer maker talent in our fine city we'll showcase lots of new upcoming designers to keep you lot buying hand made!

In our new web boutique you can find beautacious adornments for yourselves, your homes and your walls, a plethora of gifts to give plus a few crafty bits and pieces to get you making too.
So go on... pop by, have a browse, sit back, enjoy a cupper and do some shopping if you fancy!

Visit our boutique by clicking  here  don't forget to tell all your friends!

Hope you like what we've done and... happy shopping!




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