Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Late nights at The William Morris Gallery...

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a very special Craft Night for the William Morris Gallery, part of their "Lates" and to coincide with the Giles Deacon exhibition. Because of the fashion connection we came up with a few fun and fabulous projects for our guests to make!

The William Morris Gallery! ©photo by Sanna King
From clip on bow ties, cross stitch wooden brooches to pom pom head bands... they came, they made, they drank and they also danced!
For further WMG events please visit their web site...  www.wmgallery.org.uk

Making some pom pom head bands! ©Anna Kassman McKerrell


Crafters looking serious... though I think they were just concentrating on their projects!

Cross stitch brooch and a very happy and accomplished crafter!

As part of the "lates" the gallery hosts events like these which also had a DJ... the music was awesome BTW!

I love how everyone really made amazing stuff...

Busy hands...

Ta dah... and a beautiful bow tie was made...

And a pretty cross stitch geometric design brooch too!

Plus we had our sewing expert Nicola Hughes teaching guests how to sew on zips!

And finally even the boys got in on the action. Suits you sir... suits you!

Thank you to everyone that came to make, the William Morris Gallery, Rebecca, all the gallery volunteers, the DJ, the CG helpers Hannah and Nicola as well as the very lovely Coats Crafts UK for their endless and generous sponsorship! We salute you!!!

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