Monday 8 July 2013

Spring // Summer Zine!

We've been so busy of late that only now have we had the chance to finish off our Spring/Summer publication! Ha, you'd think that craft was all about sitting around making stuff, drinking tea, knitting and living in a perfectly "frosted" Martha Stewart kind of world but far from it!!!
But it's ready, finally, and yes it's well worth the wait plus it's a corker too! It's got everything from recipes, tutorials, interviews and a few fabulous illustrations by some very talented folk. Thank you to:
Bex Drawings
Laurie Richardson
for their generosity in donating their work to our zine!!!

• Crafty! A sample of the content of our zine...•

You can buy your Craft Guerrilla zine from our shop on our website so if you fancy some guerrilla reading get your sweet patooties to our web-shop and order your PDF copy from Tuesday the 9th of July!

Thanks Vicky Scott for your beautiful illustration!

 ••Please note that we are only selling our zines in a PDF format so to save on trees!!!••

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