Wednesday 10 July 2013

Make a gift for someone... just because you can!

You'll know by now that making is something of a illness around here! We love making and inventing though this next tutorial isn't ours to claim but we love it so much that we thought we'd share it with you.
Also because we know a lot of summer babies we thought as per usual that we'd make them their birthday gifts!
And if your lovely friend loves sewing as much as ours do then this is the bestest prezzie ever- and it works for boys too as they never seem to have sewing equipment at hand! - plus you can bookmark it for Chrimbo as it's also a good and inexpensive secret Santa gift too!

D.I.Y Mason Jar Sewing Pin cushion...
You'll need:
small mason jar
glue gun
•bits and bobs like pins, needles, cotton thread, bias tape, buttons and so on!

Place the inner top bit over the back of the fabric and trace leaving a small -circa 5 cm edge- and cut.

Cut another circle but this time to size...

you'll now have two circles!

dab some glue -use a glue gun for best results- around the red edge of your top...

...and fold over but remember to leave an open edge for the stuffing... this!

Add some stuffing until nice and plump but don't over fill.

Glue the opening so it's not completely closed like...


Glue the smaller circle over for a neat finish!

Add small dabs of glue in the inner jar top and press your pin cushion top through. Press down firmly!!!

Remove any strands of glue to tidy up!

Ta Dah, that's it! Simple but very cute!!!

Add sewing supplies like buttons, spools of thread and even a small pair of scissors if you can!

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Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

I love this idea! Going to have to pin it on my mason jar board!!