Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A few of my favourite things...

I love the work of the artist Livia Marin... a brilliant Chilean artist who works predominantly with ceramics. Having stumbled on her work through a friend's Face Book post -see Face Book is not all that bad!- I went on to explore more of this artist's work.

Her beautiful fluid ceramics are something which I truly admire and as a ceramicist this is so what I would like to make: great, innovative, modern, thoughtful and meaningful art!
Actually my final year piece was based on the blue and white willow pattern so her beautifully reworked offerings are something which I find very pleasing to the eye as well as to the heart!

She also works with other material like resins and rubber though the ceramic based works are the ones which stand out for me... never the less the rest of her work is worth a look at!
This also opened up the whole debate of what is art and what is craft...why is one considered more intellectually valuable then the other, where do the lines blur, when did the term "artisan" lose it's value and how can we put back the ART in ARTisan? That is a debate we should have one day but maybe in a pub or a café where we can talk face to face rather then solely muse and philosophy about it on a blog. But yes it opens up all sorts of questions and please feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts!

So if you also share my love for all things hand made, especially the turned earth sort of stuff, then have a look at Livia's web page...

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