Thursday, 18 July 2013


It's with great excitement that we introduce to you Cicada Books new publication: Craftydermy! As a veggie, crafter and lovers of taxidermy - I know, weird for a vegetarian to like Taxidermy but I can't explain it!!! - it's the perfect guilt free project book for people like me!

Craftydermy -2013 Cicada Books

Wire Bird by Hayley Dix
Taxidermy is very much of the moment.... you can't go into a pub, boutique or home without running into some sort of animal head or glass domed bird. Not everybody wants a dead animal in their home so this book has the best of both worlds as it marries the aesthetics; minus the cruelty; yet it's neither twee or childish!

Charles Fox by Emma Cocker!

There are so many animal related items out there and you know it's a hit once it's reached the high street shops which it has in a very big way!
Our love for the animal kingdom and for nature is one to be admired so what better way is there then that of making your very own homage?

Make your own with this tutorial by Kimberley Diamond!

Introduced by Tracey Benton the founder of Devon based gallery Atelier a small indie co which works with many of the featured makers....
This book is packed with fun and fab projects ranging from bear feet slippers, tiger rugs, crock totes to pretty votive candles featuring a party of bunnies!

Tiger Rug by Amelia Fever!

The only thing I would say that this book needs is... more content! Though there are lots of projects I feel there is so much more that I would like to see in there -maybe that's just because I'm greedy and like big fat books- but all in all it's a splendid book!

So if you'd like get your little paws into this book and start making some animal magic then check out Cicada's website:

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