Sunday, 1 February 2015

Heal's... a modern craft story!

You know we love craft, right? I guess it's pretty obvious and just like us Heal's are also totally in love with making too!

Though I'd never compare Craft Guerrilla to Heal's -We're still newbies in comparison, with lots to learn!- we do share a vital and common belief that modern craft is something which should be nurtured!
Championing craft is second nature to Heal's as they have been at it since 1810. They are a worthy model to follow... and we absolutely admire their constant innovation as well as their imagination and constant search for amazing designer maker talent!
So when we were told that Heal's were offering the 2nd installation of their Modern Craft Markets in their Tottenham Court Road shop we though it was well worth a mention to say the least.

A group of six well known furniture designers -Chris Eckersley, Sarah Kay, William Warren, Gareth Neal, Carl Clerkin and Koji Katsuragi- will take over the shop's front window for one week (starting the 3rd of February) for the Great Heal's Bodging Race.
Bodging is a hands-on craft that utilises unseasoned wood and traditional Windsor chair making techniques to create one off, original designs. The chosen winner, voted by the public and press, will then have the chance to produce a piece which will then be sold in store.
As well as the Great Heal's Bodging Race there will also be a showcase of designer makers from the Craft Council's Hothouse Scheme including Tortie Hoare, Umat Yamac and Heidi Harrington but to name a few.

Also present will be Out of The Dark, the charitable social enterprise that creates uniquely designed and beautifully crafted furniture. They will be elaborating and developing the pieces from the Bodging race and creating their own pieces too.

Umut Yamac
Katarina Eisenkoeck

Other designers showcased are:
Alicja Patanowska, Dotty Bubble, Elbel Libro, Gabrielle Vary, Gemma  Kay Waggette, Justine Wall, Heidi Harringto, Helen Pilot de Chenecy, Jenny Llewellyn, Jessica Coleman, Jo Davies, Katarina Eisenkoeck, Meticulous Ink, Miss Paper Cut, Nancy Nicholson, Stephanie Hosmer, Teresa Georgallis, Thomas Appleton, Tortie Hoare, Tracey Rowledge, Umut Yamac and Zara Day.

Tortie Hoare
Miss Paper Cut

Heal's has been designing, making and selling quality furniture for more then two centuries now... and honestly I do hope they go for at least two more!
So if you too love modern craft make your way down there, you won't regret it and that's a promise!

From the 2nd to the 15th of February 2015
Heal's 196 Tottenham Court Road W1T 7LQ London

If you'd like to be part of history and can produce amazing hand made designer items then why not submit to this year's call?!

Heal’s has a long history of working with emerging design talent, and the annual Heal’s Discovers initiative highlights the brand’s commitment to design education by discovering and nurturing the next generation of designers.
As well as an in-house design team, a key part of Heal’s heritage has been partnering with independent designers. Be they well-established names or newly-discovered talent, Heal's work together with all sorts of amazing designer makers to bring good design, well made goods to their customers.
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