Friday, 6 February 2015

Beyond the wood shed at the bottom of the garden...

Out this February,  Shed Decor by Sally Coulthard is the latest inspirational title from Jacqui Small Publishing Group.

To say that Sheds are solely the domain of men folk, spiders and broken lawn mowers would be an outdated statement.
No longer are they the final resting place of rusty old tools, musty damp wood or simply a space to find solace, sheds have now become stylish and usable extension of the home!

The love of sheds is something we in the UK are no strangers to but with the help of this amazing book you can have an outdoor space which will be the envy of all your friends and neighbours, plus it can give you an awesome extra living space you and the whole family can enjoy!
Whether you choose to use it as a guest bed room, a kid's play room, office or even a sewing/ craft room - Ha, would you have guessed that was my favourite idea?- you know that you'll be able to achieve greatness with this book there by your side to guide you.

I love the way the book is sectioned into chapters from a range of styles, case studies, essentials featuring products, resources and a large but comprehensive directory.
And the photography is pretty cool too. There's a nice, cozy and friendly style to it. Even the more "minimalist" sheds look inviting and achievable. After drooling pouring through the book I realised that I actually could do with having a collection of sheds and not just the one as they are all just too beautiful! How can I choose just one style? But there's the beauty of this book... it does offer a great selection but it also helps focus your own interior design preferences through valuable and realistic advice and case studies... and that is really helpful!
There's also a nice chapter with handy tips on using lighting, up-cycling & choosing furniture, walls, floors and textiles so making your shed into a palace will be an easy task!!!

Sally Coulthard is the amazing author behind this book. She has written extensively about characterful homes and is a contributor to quite a few publications including Country Living Magazine and BBC Good Homes. 

A dab hand at using salvaged materials, she has a cool and eclectic eye and her natural talent at matching diverse elements is evident as she confidently adds personality to small spaces.
I've been so inspired by this book that I'm actually thinking of ditching city life and moving to the country to live in a shed! OK maybe not. I'm sure I could just get a flat with a garden with a shed which will mean I can finally have a craft hut! You see... I am after all a city dweller and sheds are the perfect solution for adding valuable space in urban settings.

So if you'd like to join me in the shed revolution changing sad wooden slated boxes into beautiful dwellings then the first step would be to get your peepers wrapped around this awesome book...
it's fab and it really does leave you with the sense that creating a gorgeous shed is easy! Especially with such great inspirational help...

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