Monday, 30 September 2013

An Amazing day!

For many people learning craft skills form their mum, nana or aunty are no longer an option. The pressures of leaving home to look for employment in far away cities/countries is a common reality and so the family unit becomes more disperse which can mean that passing down ancient craft knowledge is something they can no longer tap into quickly and directly.

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Fortunately there is an alternative! "The Amazings" - I'm sure you've heard all about it already, they are creating quite a buzz!- is just that... a web site where learning and passing down skills through the generations is encouraged!

You can sign up and buy on line classes from elders who are experts in many fields. Not only do they have years of experience but they are still practising and making beautiful craft.
You might think it's all about dated crafts like doilies and crocheted tea cosies but you'll be glad to hear that it's far from that... these elders are truly in tune with today's modern craft trends, are engaged with technology and ready to collaborate with new designers. And collaborate we did! I had the privilege of  working with Sue Pearl, a fab felter with a huge heart, an amazing eye for colour and an awe inspiring Juke Box collection! I have worked with needle felting and used felt as a material for a long time but I had never actually made the stuff.

Me and Sue making beautiful felt!
We started off the day as strangers but by the end of the class I felt a huge affinity and craft crush for Sue plus now I can make my own felt too! She is quite an inspiring teacher!
If I could chose a surrogate family member she'd be at the top of my list! She reminded me so much of my great aunt Lila both in a physical sense but also in her humour, wit and love for craft.
We laughed, we made some awesome things that afternoon and I for one think that there is still so much to learn from our elders.
Having this on line resource is both practical and a stroke of genius. To begin with; and I have to admit this; I was sceptical at how that human contact we get from craft making would translate into a pre filmed tutorial but... it works! Having watched a couple of The Amazings on line tutorials I can say that it's... erm, Amazing! You can pause, rewind and watch over as many times as you need to. It's fab and the personalities of the elders shine through so each class is engaging, interesting  and endearing plus by having the option to contact the tutors leaves you feeling like you are being lead by a caring expert hand!
So if you would like to see more or even sign up to the class then visit The Amazings web site:

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