Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hallow's eve!

As far as holidays go Halloween has to be one of our favourites... actually IT IS our favourite holiday so we're super excited about getting the Craft Guerrilla castle all kitted out so it's nice and spooky! Cobwebs at the ready though we need to add a bit more to get it really spook-a-licious!
But if like us you're strapped for time -There's always so much to do and we can't seem to find enough hours in the day... but you know....it's Halloween!!!- then why not at least get the pumpkin done to put you in the Halloween spirit!

Below are a few projects which have been selected for their beauty, ease, originality and making speed.
Carving a pumpkin can be messy (OK but it's fun too!) and time consuming but the majority of these  projects are easy and quick so you can achieve a really modern take on the traditional pumpkin in no time!

You don't need to stick to the typical spooky pumpkin either but if you like the idea of skulls, ghosts and scary faces then take a look at the black board pumpkin. It's a great new alternative to the traditional Jack-o-lantern!

We hope you enjoy our selection... this is just a taster... but here are our top 5 Halloween Pumpkin makes...

For an up to date fashionable look try the Ombre pumpkin:

photo via FunkyTime©
Ombre effect pumpkin tutorial here

For a little bit of humour try these cute vamp pumpkins:

Via Martha Stewart©

 See the Fanged Pumpkin tutorial here

For a smart and beautiful look that even Dracula would be proud of:

via chatelaine ©

See the tutorial here

For a minimalist take on the traditional try the chalkboard pumpkin:

via real simple ©
See the tutorial here

Or for a chic look try the puffy paint pumpkin *not a quick one but so worth the time and effort, don't you think? :

via Alisa Burke ©
See the full tutorial here


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