Friday, 13 September 2013

Craft Guerrilla & Mrs. Bear's Presents...

As summer has definitely left us we're in the mood to sort out our wardrobes! So what better way is there then to get a whole new cozy look by joining us at a massive Swish?

Mrs. Bear's is the amazing wardrobe mistress and she'll be rocking up at Old Spitalfields market to bring you a whole lotta fashion love and we'll be there bringing the crafty element to the shindig.

a happy swisher!

  Choose from a selection of fashion based craft kits that'll help you add a bit of crafty magic to your "swishing swag" -Try saying that quickly- as will our amazing seamstress Nicola who'll be on hand with advice on how to up-cycle and revamp your fab new wardrobe! 
Our gorgeous Nicola... a seamstress with a talent for remaking and up-cycling!

 We're so happy to collaborate with Mrs. Bear's & Old Spitalfields Market to bring you a brilliant "Up-Cycled" themed event so bring along your unwanted clothes and apparel -must be clean and in good condition- and prepare yourself to kit yourself out in beautacious clobber! Check out the Mrs. Bear's web site for further info, rules and event details:

Browse the rails and find your perfect Autumn wears!
Saturday the 28th of September
from 12 pm.  to 4 pm.
Old Spitalfields Market
Brushfield Street,
Spitalfields, London
E1 6AA


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