Thursday 30 May 2013

Treat your dear old dad this Father's Day!

If there's any time where making is more important then buying a gift then it's gotta be on a day like Father's Day! What better way is there to show that you truly love someone then by making them a very special gift?!
It shows that you've actually thought about what they'd like and I for one know my pappy appreciates hand made things... so here are a few ideas which I hope you're daddy-oh will also enjoy:

Smokey & hot chili BBQ sauce... it's exactly what every man needs! I hate to generalise but we know how fond the male of the species is of cooking outdoors so why not make up a batch and name it after your lovely dad... here's a great recipe:

But if you're not quite a "domestic goddess" or can't stand the heat of the kitchen then you can purchase some amazing chili sauce from a small independent company from "Brum".
I know, "make it, not buy it" but if you are spending your hard earned cash then spend it on something hand made or from a small indie company and "Pip's Hot Sauce" is an amazing little indie business!
We think their hot sauces are one of the best in the world... and that's not the chili talking - chili can make you quite giddy, fact - but I absolutely love their smoked garlic & chili sauce "La Boca d'el Daiblo" and I know my chili!

Paint your dad a special little something and you don't need to be a Michelangelo or a Constable! Be it a ceramic mug or a plate tell your dad just how amazing you think he is by painting your very own piece of ceramics! This way he can look at it every breakfast time... what a splendid way to show him your love! Aw!!!!
Our friends at are a fab little ceramic café and we know they'll have something just right for you and your old man but if you're stuck for ideas ask the friendly staff as they'll be on hand to help or advise should you need it.

Make him a tie...
OK my dad no longer wears ties on a day to day basis but some sharp dressers still do. Anyway there's always an opportunity to wear one like for examples weddings, christenings etc. so I'm sure that he'll love it regardless... besides it'll be extra special if it's saved for only the most important of occasions!
Here's a great tutorial though I think I'm going to use a vintage silk scarf so it's also recycled:

Make him some pampering products...
Here's a great d.i.y. shaving lotion tutorial. Use a nice vintage bottle or mason jar with a pump and decorate with some vintage labels:

(Note: the only thing I would add is  masculine essential oils like sandalwood, moss or even Bergamont for a fresh clean scent. Also using unscented ingredients will work best otherwise it might smell a bit too girlie as most creams/conditioners are perfumed but it is possible to find something neutral!)

Make him smell good! Perfume/after shave tutorial:
Here's a great and very complete guide to learning how to blend and create scents....
For the actual making bit I used this tutorial which is very easy and less complex then the previous:

perfume tutorial by "Small Measures"!

For label art work...

And don't forget the card...

Print out and make your very own Mr.Printables DAD spex!


Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

Some fab ideas - love the shaving cream with the vintage label, think that is amazing! Will be trying that one I think!

munano said...

Let us know the results!!! X