Friday, 3 May 2013

Something for the weekend...

As I pack my bag I'm left with the feeling that I'm forgetting something... but... no, I'm definitely not forgetting anything but I am in fact having a little teeny break and so I won't be posting my usual weekly features like : "Friday's Craft Crush" and "Something for the Weekend" which serve to showcase the works of talented designers// bloggers // artists that have caught my eye.
So instead this week I'm leaving you with a taster of what's to come...
Craft Guerrilla IE me will be chasing the craft dragon* in the beautiful city of Porto!
(*side note: If you've been to Porto you'll probably know that the dragon is the city's emblem... and also the mascot of F.C. Porto - world famous footie club!!!)

Filled with beautiful monuments, art-nouveau architecture, picturesque and folksy citizens what this gem of a city has by the bucket loads are amazing haberdashery shops, fabric shops and a massive amount of vintage finds still to be discovered by the everyday savvy tourist... plus there's also a shop or two which sell and make the most amazing designer maker goods too!
And how come I know about them you ask? Oh well, lets just say that Porto is the birth place of a very young Craft Guerrilla and the spiritual home of  her crafty creations.
I studied ceramics at  "Escola De Arts Soares dos Reis", a then well know art school,  passed most of my summers there and I even learnt most of my craft skills in this fair city with my grannies.

In the late 1980's I studied and specialized in "Azuleijos" - hand painted ceramic tiles... like the ones in the photo below - so this place has a very special space in my heart!
It's not just the home of some serious craft either but of renown hand made industry like "Ach Brito" (soap company) and "Fabrica do Carvalhinho" (a world famous ceramics factory) but it's also a modern and vibrant city with a wealth of history, culture and art... plus some serious club nights though I fear I'm not as young as I used to be for that! Dancing all night, surely not?!

photo courtesy of ©Michael Hodson - Estaçao de Sao Bento- train station
So expect a few bits of crafty treasure (oh yes, I will be opening my little black book and sharing a few addresses with you...but only if you're nice and promise not to share!) and lots of sun filled photos of us in Porto... you might even see us hosting a workshop! You know what it's like...we just can't have a proper break as our hands need to be in a state of constant making!!!

If you have any tips, secret shops or places you think we should visit and review get in touch...
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