Thursday, 25 April 2013

Mastering the art of embroidery... our review!

"Mastering the art of embroidery"  is the new book by embroiderer extraordinaire Sophie Long an expert crafts woman and the very talented lady behind this fantastic book.
As a lover of embroidery and the stitchery arts I was stoked to be able to review this book.

Mastering the Art of Embroidery (9781906417956) 

I've been wanting a stitch compendium for quite some time. I've got a few stitch based books which are pretty OK but they're predominately soulless and almost mechanical... not that mechanical isn't great for learning but I just feel that my mind wonders if all there is to a book are pages and pages of technical drawings and nothing else! Well this book definitely has SOUL... and lots of heart too. The works included are obviously made by stitch lovers and enamoured embroiderers.

Sophie Long, embroidery queen and craft author

It's a really well structured book filled with amazing modern embroidery work and... dare I say it's a little bit edgy too? Hey, edgy is good!
Apart from edgy "amazing" is a word I can safely use when referring to this book. The instructions are clearly explained and the illustrations concise plus the variety of work is just delicious... yes I said delicious! You'll find amazing, modern work ranging from embroidery, stump work, needlepoint to even quilting and free motion embroidery!
also featured embroidery work by Leisa Rich
Also featured are lots of gorgeous works by numerous designers, tons of inspiration and techniques which will; even if you are not a seasoned embroiderer; get you started with a head full of ideas and hands ready to stitch! This book is one that I will be keeping close at hand as a reference and will sit on my shelf as a "stitch bible"... so many stitches that I haven't even heard of so definitely a keeper.

Needlepoint work by Heather Gray

So what's my verdict? It's a top book and essential for any super star embroiderer wanna be!

Mastering the Art of Embroidery
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