Thursday, 11 April 2013

Craft Guerrilla hit the road!

Craft Guerrilla with the aid of Toyota and their Positive Ideas campaign went out into London to storm bust stops, train stations and anywhere else we found commuters waiting! Toyota lent us a couple of cars for the day so we could get what we do out there on the streets! Getting out of the Craft Guerrilla bunker with all our stuff is quite a chore so this was a perfect opportunity...

The whole idea was about bringing a bit of positivity to people through craft. By getting people to make something quick and easy while they waited we also brought to light the positive impact and benefits that "using your hands" has and how important it is to get back in touch with the simple things! Believe it or not making, especially craft, is a very healthy pursuit and using CRAFT as a therapy is nothing new.

Me and our fab Guerrilla Karen Dunn
Two lovely commuters at Marylebone Station
Craft Making in Brixton at a bus stop

We want to encourage more people to "make while they wait" because of it's stress busting qualities. Let's face it, we all spend way too much time waiting around for public transport and getting angry about it so getting people to relax and enjoy their wait was absolutely amazing and fulfilling...
PLUS it shares the love between people in our city, our beautiful Ye Old London Town which we absolutely love!

Everyone loves a moustache even guys with already quite generous facial hair!

Brixton bus stop hosted our very own pop up "crafternoon"

We thank you London...and remember: Do something positive, do something nice!

If you'd like to watch the other videos which include our fabulous friends Knit The City visit the Toyota web site:

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