Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday's Craft Crush!

Last week I stumbled upon this amazing blog by artist and maker Lucille Michieli.

Not just content with giving us beautiful illustrations she also manages to add quite a few tutorials and easy to follow projects which are not just pretty but also useful. You'll find all sorts from darning tips to making your own collars.
I'm quite taken with her leather Peter Pan Collar and will actually have a go in making one... though I might use pleather but that's just because as a veggie I'm more comfortable using imitation leather. But anyway there are lots of projects to do!

Peter Pan collar tutorial...

Also she reviews lots of other designers which is a fantastic way of getting to know of other talented designers and their work.
Everything about this blog is yummy - yes I said yummy, you heard me and it's very unlike me but that's the power of imagery and the draw of this blog... it makes one come over all girlie - lots of soft photography, illustrations and very gorgeous French people in beautiful clothing.  Ooh la la...très chic et très mignon! A big stumpy European thumbs up for this amazing and talented blogger/designer!

Photoshoot...see I told you there was lots of gorgeous French people in pretty clothes!

Lucille also makes a range of accessories which you can purchase in her shop!


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