Wednesday 13 March 2013

Something for the weekend!

We are totally in love with this Parisian lady and her beautifully chic blog: "Make my lemonade"

Lisa Gachet's offerings are a heady and pretty mix of recipes, craft projects, beauty, fashion looks and lots of pretty photos. It's like Paris in a BLOG!
You'll be trawling through the posts with quite a few assuring "hmmmm"s and "haaaaa"s on your lips with a lot of "Oooh la la"s thrown in for good measure... The only draw back is that it's written in French.
Well we guerrillas are fluent in a few languages including French: "Mes qui, c'est pas mal mon Française" but for those who don't speak the lingo you won't be disappointed.

lovely crafty ideas for you to make...

a cute step by step tutorial...
Lots of great posts including beauty product reviews!

There's always  google translate plus the photography is amazing in itself and that'll keep you hooked for hours on end plus the tutorials are photographed in a "step by step" method so very easy to follow. You'll love it et ça c'est une promesse!!!

 *Lisa's blog reminds us of cycling through Paris in the height of summer wearing a fluttering tea dress and Audrey shades. Our bicycle basket is filled with pain au chocolate, cheese, jam, fruit and a pretty bunch of daisies!*

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Jane said...

thanks for the heads up about her blog......checked it out and it is so cool!