Friday 8 March 2013

Friday's CRAFT CRUSH...

This is a very deep seeded crush because we've been lusting over Donna Wilson's work for quite a while now!
Beautifully designed and with a definite pinch of humour Donna's products are simultaneously something we'd like to keep a secret and happily share with our crafty friends! BUT we believe in sharing and they are way too beautiful to keep all to ourselves... besides you guys deserve a little bit of this quirky and fabulous world!
Cyril is just too awesome to keep to ourselves, don't you agree?!

To see more of Donna's products and work please visit:

Cyril Squirrel-fox

Graph socks!

Up the Garden Path - Cashmere Blanket

Have a happy weekend Craft Lovers!

Donna's work reminds us of Björk, lush green mossy forests with tall trees, dappled sunshine on glossy leaves and panda bears. Definitely panda bears. Soft, bold and mighty!


Mya.L said...

Love the fox!

Tugba Kop said...

I love her stuff. I have so many of her cushions now, that my room looks like a Donna Wilson shrine!