Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday's CRAFT CRUSH...

Woo-hoo it's Friday and we're getting ready to party! Piñatas remind us of summer parties and being outdoors in the sunshine having a great time with our chums.
We're tired of the cold and so we like cozy little reminders to keep us going until the fair weather arrives.
As little guerrillas we swooped on those plump tissue paper covered beauties and beat the stuffing out of them with a large stick just to get to the sweet candy entrails.
These cute cookies are the perfect little homage to piñata parties and I think they'll go down very well on a crisp Sunday night with a large mug of hot chocolate!
Yes, it's not all about CRAFT but we like to keep our hands busy so baking is pretty much the next best thing... plus it keeps us out of trouble!

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But if you prefer the real thing here's an ICE CREAM Piñata tutorial...It's so cool!


Happy Weekend Craft Lovers!!!

Mi gusta la mañana, mi gusta lo mar, mi gusta la noche, me gusta lo verano, mi gusta tu e me gusta piñatas!!!

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Kath Goodwin said...

I love the idea for the pinata cookies! Will have to have a bash at something like that soon.